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How to link to your FCQ results from your home page

Using the following procedure, CU instructors can create a link from home or course web pages to their FCQ results. Results are available for the past seven years.

  1. Insert an anchor in your home page html, which looks like this:
    <a href=>FCQ Results</a>

    Type everything as it is, except put it all on one line with no spaces. Then fill in the &camp=__ with your campus, BD,CE,CS, or DN (CE= Boulder Continuing Education), and fill in the other blank with your last name. Case is unimportant. NOTE: If you have a hyphen, apostrophe, or space in your last name, it should be omitted. If others have the same last name as you, you will also need to enter your first name in the space as:
    lastname,%20firstname. Include the comma and the %20, which indicates a space in html.

    The phrase 'FCQ Results' will be the clickable portion. You can change that as you see fit.

    For example: FCQ Results for Dan Jones

  2. Your results for the past seven years will be displayed by default. To decrease the number of years included in the display, add the following after your name,and before the '>', with no spaces:  &fyr=____. Put the full 4-digit year in the blank. The display will start with the spring term of that year.

    For example, the end of the url will look like this:

    The result, compared to the above link, will be: FCQ Results for Dan Jones

  3. If you have trouble finding your data using the above procedure, go to the FCQ Data Requester for your campus: CU-Boulder, UC Denver, UC CS and enter as much of your name as necessary to get what you expect, then use that in the URL.

  4. Still have questions or problems? Email us at FCQ@Colorado.EDU or call the FCQ office at 492-7069.

Last revision 05/19/16

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