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FCQ comment filtering -- a new FCQ service option for UCB faculty

In order to allow students to write their narrative opinions on the FCQ but simultaneously protect faculty from abusive comments, the standing CU Boulder FCQ task force implemented a pilot ‘comment filtering’ service for the 2006-08 academic years. This comment filtering pilot was approved as a permanent policy beginning in fall 2008.

Any faculty member may request that an independent filtering committee review the narrative comments on their FCQs for any or all of their course-sections and remove any abusive forms in their entirety from processing. If requested before the end of October for the fall semester and before the end of March for the spring semester, the FCQ staff will make photocopies of the forms during processing and provide those copies to the ‘filtering committee’. That committee will then meet to review the forms and remove from processing any FCQs containing remarks the committee deems abusive. (Criteria for what constitutes “abusive” comments are based on direct feedback from various faculty and an assessment by the FCQ task force of 4,000 sample FCQ forms.) Any FCQs which have remarks deemed abusive will be removed from all further processing; the student will have lost his or her ability to participate in the FCQ process for that course-section. The acceptable FCQs will then be returned to the normal stream of processing and sent back to the department with all other FCQ packets as usual.

Requests for this filtering service should be sent by email to Fall requests should be sent by the end of October and spring requests sent by the end of March.

Please note that this service can only be implemented if we are not overwhelmed with requests. Please request this service only if you have received abusive comments in the past or you have reason to be concerned that you will receive abusive comments this semester.

If you do not request this service and you find that you have received abusive comments when your processed FCQs are returned, you may still request removal of the abusive FCQ forms from your record. For fall FCQs, these "post-processing" requests need to be submitted by March 1 for review, and for possible revision of FCQ data. For spring and summer terms, the deadline for post-processing requests is October 1.

Click here to see examples of acceptable and unacceptable comments.

Last revision 05/19/16

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