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New FCQ implemented fall 2006

Boulder started using revised FCQ questions, rating scale, and form in fall 2006, and is phasing in revisions to reporting and collection procedures starting fall 2006 as well.

All revisions are recommendations of the Chancellorís FCQ Advisory Committee, accepted by the chancellor in September 2005.

The Boulder FCQ is administered by Institutional Analysis of Office of Data Analytics. The policy head is the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs for Undergraduate Education, Michael Grant. Grant also headed the Chancellorís Advisory Committee.

Boulder used streamlined FCQ collection methods in summer 2006, with all collection online. In fall 2006 we returned to our usual combination of paper forms and online collection (for online courses, by request for classroom-based courses, and in limited additional instances).

The Downtown Denver and Colorado Springs campuses have used Boulderís FCQ collection and reporting services through spring 2006. See status of collection for those campuses .

Highlights and details

  • Information is available for interpreting your section report.
  • The new FCQ form Ė whether on paper or online -- has nine scannable response questions, a 1-6 response scale replacing the 5-point A-F scale, and one narrative response question replacing four. The committee followed national guidelines for student ratings of courses in revising the form. The form was implemented Fall 2006.
  • Full recommendations of the Chancellor's FCQ Advisory Committee Ė covering the form, collection, reporting, and response to BFA comments.
  • Chancellorís approval of the recommendations.
  • Spring 2006 pilot (now approved by the chancellor for permanent implementation with the Fall 2006 semester) requiring online collection for graduate classes with enrollment of 10 or fewer students (Boulder campus only). This was requested by the graduate student association and endorsed by the Chancellorís committee, to test online collection as a method of ensuring anonymity of responses (especially written comments) in small classes.
  • An optional filtering procedure to screen for abusive student comments will be available upon request beginning in fall 2006 (Boulder campus only). This is a pilot program for 2006-07.
  • Improved reporting formats, electronic and paper, some with graphics, phased in starting fall 2006.
  • For summer 2006 only, all FCQs for Boulder and Denver were administered online, using the old FCQ questions and format. This allowed us to change our thousands of lines of code and make other changes required for the transition to the new paper and online FCQ forms and procedures for fall 2006.

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