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Report of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the FCQ
February 2005
Michael Grant, AVC for Undergraduate Education, Chair

See August 2005 revision

Committee Members: Susan Clarke, Political Science; Janet DeGrazia, Engineering; Susan Kent, Faculty Affairs; Basim Mahmood, UCSU; Lou McClelland, Institutional Analysis; Joe Neguse, UCSU; Christine Queja, UCSU; Christine Rohde, Honor Code Office; Lori Seward, Business; James Symons, Theater and Dance

The committee met January 2004 through January 2005. Some members participated in only spring 2004 or fall 2004.

The report was submitted to Interim Chancellor DiStefano on February 28, 2005. Its recommendations are now under consideration by the chancellor.

The full report is a 35-page PDF. It includes

Submittal letter

  1. An annotated, question by question set of recommendations for a revised FCQ testing instrument which is shorter and contains, with one exception, only professionally recognized and generally validated questions
  2. A specific, point by point response to the BFA recommendations about the FCQ to your office,
  3. A list of thirty five nationally published recommendations regarding several aspects of the FCQ plus committee recommendations about each one of them,
  4. The results of a pilot study on the new form done spring 2004
  5. Recommendations for interpretation and use of the statistical results by evaluators (personnel committees at the department, school or college and campus levels)
  6. Recommendations directly to faculty regarding administration of the FCQ itself and some guidance about interpretation
  7. A bibliography of key overview research literature citations
  8. The recommended FCQ form itself

Last revision 05/19/16

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