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FCQ: dates and deadlines for spring 2015

Questions? Call 303-492-7069, or send e-mail to FCQ@COLORADO.EDU 
January 12 - February 5 Coordinators should be getting updated instructor and course information on ISIS . We will download from ISIS and compile the FCQ course lists by Wednesday, Feb 11. Please have ISIS information updated by Thursday, Feb 5, in preparation for this download.
February 12  FCQ course lists are posted on the web for editing by Thursday, Feb 12. Dept FCQ coordinators receive instructions for editing FCQ course lists, as well as copies of Instructor Memo to be given immediately to all instructors. 
February 27 Edited FCQ course lists and optional question requests are due. If you have no changes to your dept's FCQ course list on the web, submit the form as "all done" just as it is. We will begin printing your department's FCQ forms after the edited course list is submitted as "all done." 
March 9 FCQ dept course lists not submitted to us by this date may be assessed a late fee of $10. We cannot print your FCQs until you have submitted your edited FCQ course list. 

April 16

FCQ packets will be delivered April 16 to Denver and Colorado Springs campuses and to Boulder departments. Check envelopes for accuracy. What we send you will agree with the FCQ course list you edited and submitted to us on the web.

April 20 - 24, Boulder FCQ administration

April 27 - May 1, UCCS & Denver FCQ administration

FCQ administration week:

Boulder campus:  April 20 - 24

UCCS & Denver campuses:  April 27 - May 1

FCQs should be administered during week 14 of the 15 weeks of actual class instruction -- the week before the last week of regular classes. Online FCQs are administered during this period also, but include the weekend before and the weekend after.

April 28, Boulder

May 6, UCCS & Denver

PLEASE RETURN ALL FCQs TO FCQ OFFICE BY THESE DATES. Please notify us if you will be late.  It may not be possible to process very late FCQs.
By April 28 (Boulder): Please return completed FCQs in original envelopes to:  By May 6 (Denver and Colorado Springs): Please return completed FCQs in original envelopes to:
Boulder Campus: 
FCQ Office 
15 UCB 
(Regent Hall, room 1B29)
Denver and Colorado Springs: 
University of Colorado Boulder
Planning, Budget & Analysis
FCQ Office
15 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0015
June 11, 2015  Projected return of results (forms and section reports) to departments. 
June 23, 2015  Projected posting of results to web's FCQ Results Requesters.
Sept 2015 Boulder campus longitudinal instructor summaries with results from fall 1988 through spring 2015 posted to the web (Boulder campus only).