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Announcement From The Provost

Last October, I asked a group of faculty members, led by Professor Sharon Collinge, to form an Environment and Sustainability Visioning Committee (ESVC). Since then, the ESVC has been meeting with constituencies around campus, doing a scan of our intellectual and other resources in this area, and holding conversations about how we can better organize and highlight our outstanding work on the environment and sustainability. As part of that process, the ESVC invited a team of nationally recognized experts to campus in February to provide advice; the report of that committee has already been made available to the campus.

The ESVC has now issued its Final Report and Recommendations. Click to download

I wish to be clear that my receipt and release of this  report does not necessarily mean that I agree with or endorse the recommendations contained therein. Rather, this report will become part of our ongoing conversations about how we should move forward in the areas of the environment and sustainability where we have demonstrated and recognized strengths and assets and where we have opportunities to make educational, scholarly, and creative strides.

You can send your ideas about and responses to this report to I look forward to hearing from all of you as we move forward in this conversation.  I will offer my own thoughts on these recommendations before the end of this semester.

Russ Moore


About our Open Forum 

CU Boulder has established significant focal strengths in the general areas of sustainability and the environment. The academic milieu in which these strengths exist is complex and diverse, and there is currently little coherent or formal connectivity among these core activities. In spite of this lack of programmatic connectivity, CU Boulder enjoys national recognition for its excellence in scholarship and education in the environmental arena and for being a ‘green’ university. Several independent external reviews of campus programs strongly suggest that CU Boulder is in a position to take a national, and indeed an international leadership role in the areas of sustainability and the environment.

It light of this expertise, the Provost has charged the Environment & Sustainability Visioning Committee (ESVC) to

  • conduct an inventory of the types of environmental and sustainability research and teaching programs on the Boulder campus
  • identify emerging issues in environmental and sustainability research
  • engage faculty, staff and students in the process
  • provide a high level assessment of cross-disciplinary and cross-college/school synergies
  • provide an assessment of what new scholarly and teaching opportunities might be realized

As part of this process, the ESVC Committee would like to invite all interested faculty, staff and students to the second of two Open Forums to discuss this topic.

When: Monday February 25, 2013 3:30-5:00 pm
Where: CIRES Auditorium, 3rd Floor

For more information please email