You may declare Environmental Studies as your major during Orientation if you are certain of your interest at that time.

Major Change

If you are a student within the College of Arts and Sciences (including Open Option), you may change your major to Environmental Studies. Choose "Change your major" when you log into the Academic Advising website website to see the times and dates of major declaration meetings. You will not be able to change your major online; the only time you can do this is at a major declaration meeting.

You must register for and attend a major declaration meeting to change to the ENVS major.

Major declaration meetings are held every week or two throughout the fall and spring semesters. Go to the Academic Advising website. Click on the Make an Advising Appointment button and then the Advising Appointment System button.

Log in using your CU Login Name and IdentiKey Password. Click on the Major/Minor Declaration Info button. Select ENVS from the Department drop-down box and click on the Submit button to view upcoming major meeting dates.

Intrauniversity Transfer

If you are a CU-Boulder student outside the College of Arts and Sciences, you change to Environmental Studies through an Intrauniversity Transfer (IUT). Contact the Environmental Studies Program Office for more information on the Intrauniversity Transfer process.