Michael Weiss

M.S. Student

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In August 2014, Michael began the Master's in Environmental Studies program, focusing on policy.  He chose the policy track because he liked that CU emphasizes that policy is really about decision making.  Michael is looking for ways to be in the middle of making decisions on how best to protect our environment.  Currently he is doing that by writing a conservation blog.


B.S., United States Air Force Academy
M.S., National Intelligence University


Michael was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan.  He attended the US Air Force Academy, graduating from there in 1992.  While in the Air Force, he was an intelligence analyst.  During his career, he lived in nine US states (including Alaska) and lived in or visited Saudi Arabia, France, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Germany, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, and Afghanistan.  Since leaving the service, he traveled the world visiting all seven continents, bought a house in Longmont, and got married.