Kelsey Dailey

M.S. Student

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Research Interests

Kelsey is broadly interested in investigating how climate change will influence mountainous hydrologic regimes and is conducting research examining biogeochemical cycling and groundwater recharge in an alpine-subalpine mountainous headwater catchment.  


B.S., The Ohio State University


Kelsey is an MS student under advisor Mark Williams at INSTAAR working on biogeochemical cycling as a RA for the Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program.  She is part of the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program at CU and was graduate coordinator for the 2015 Snow Hydrology Internship in Geography.  Kelsey has worked weekly at the Mountain Research Station in Nederland, CO, since January 2015 and also has experience in hydrology outreach with K-12 students via the CU Outreach Office. 

Kelsey holds a BS in Geological Sciences from The Ohio State University where she worked after graduation as a RA at Byrd Polar Research Center for the McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER Program.