Katherine Clark

Ph.D. Student

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MS, University of Colorado at Boulder

BA, James Madison University


Kate Clark is an advanced doctoral candidate in the Environmental Studies Program, with a focus in environmental social science.  Her primary research areas include the politics of fossil fuel extraction and electricity production, environmental movement strategy, and environmental justice.  Her dissertation connects divergent strategies in the U.S. environmental movement with the political economy of electricity production.  She has also researched the local food movement in Boulder, Colorado. Kate emphasizes engaged research, and she works for community-based solutions to environmental challenges as both an academic and an advocate.

Kate has been active in Boulder’s efforts to move toward a local, cleaner electric system.  She serves on the board of Clean Energy Action and the Sustaining INVST Council.  She was named the graduate recipient of the Annual Serving Communities Award from CU-Boulder’s Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement in 2011.