Darin Toohey


Contact Information

MacAllister Building N241A

Affiliated Departments

Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute

Secondary Core Area

Research Interests

Kinetics, spectroscopic, and field measurements of trace species in the troposphere and lower stratosphere; design and fabrication of fast-response in situ instrumentation.


Ph.D. 1988 Harvard University


Teaching Interests:

  • Physics and chemistry of the earth system; optics, electronics, and mechanical design.

Research Topics:

Dr. Toohey exploits ultrasensitive spectroscopic techniques for fast-response measurements in the laboratory and field. He has designed and built instruments that have been deployed at the ground and on high-altitude balloons and aircraft. His present research addresses the mechanisms by which inorganic free radicals control the abundances of gases that influence the radiative balance of the earth. Dr. Toohey is presently expanding his research efforts to include laser-based laboratory studies of small particle formation and growth to address the impact of aerosols on earth's changing chemistry and climate.