Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there so many requirements for a degree in Environmental Studies?

The ENVS curriculum was designed to provide a well-rounded, broad education in environmental issues in order to prepare students for the complex world. It is an interdisciplinary major, which means that students take courses from about twelve different majors at CU.

Is there a minor in Environmental Studies?

No. This is because of the major’s interdisciplinary design.

How do I find a schedule of classes available?

Directions for finding classes is available on the Registrar's website.

With so much included in this major, how do students find focus?

Review the Guidance Documents on our website to review the types of courses you should be taking based on your area of interest.  If there is not a Guidance Document for your area of interest, consult with your Academic Advisor.

What are the minimum credit requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences?

Refer to the Degree Requirements page on the College of Arts & Sciences website.


Can I do an internship for pay?

Yes. You can also do an internship for credit, but not both. Internships for credit: the ENVS program has a strong internship program for juniors and seniors with opportunities in 35-40 organizations along the Front Range. Internships for pay: students must arrange themselves or through Career Services.

Internships (more info) 

What type of internships are best?

Choose an internship that best suits your career path.  For example if you are interested in sustainable food development, seek an internship on a farm.


When do I apply to graduate?

Consult the Graduation and Diploma Calendar on the Registrar's website and then apply online using myCUinfo.

Why are there two ceremonies?

The general CU Commencement is where all undergraduate and graduate students officially receive their degrees. Students stand as their programs of study are called but are not recognized as individuals. CU maintains a Commencement website with specific information about the event for students and family members. There is no Commencement ceremony in the summer. August graduates may take part in either the May or December ceremonies the year they graduate.

Most departments, including the Environmental Studies Program, hold recognition ceremonies where students are called by name. The Environmental Studies event is usually the afternoon before the university commencement ceremony. Information is posted in the "events" section of this website and emailed to graduating students.


What can I do with a major in Environmental Studies?

See the Career Resources section of the Forms & Resources page on this website or contact CU's Career Services office.

What percentage of students have jobs related to their major after graduation?

Students that gain experience related to their desired field while in school are more likely to obtain employment related to their major.  The Planning, Budget and Analysis website provides employment statistics of CU Boulder Alumni.

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How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

To make an appointment with your advisor, log in to the Academic Advising web site. You will need your ID and PIN to log on.

Remember that your advisor has several hundred students. You must plan ahead and schedule your appointment in advance of your deadlines.

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I still have unanswered questions. What do I do now?

If you don't find an answer to your question here or elsewhere on the website, please Contact Us.