Peace Corps Masters

The ENVS Peace Corp Masters program takes place within the context of the existing ENVS Masters degree requirements described here. The ENVS graduate program is small and highly selective with about ten percent of applicants admitted in recent years. Students interested in combining an ENVS MS with the Peace Corps International Masters program are encouraged to discuss their interests with the ENVS graduate program director and staff. Students also are encouraged to indicate their interest in this combined program within their application materials.

Watch video: Peace Corps or Grad School? Get the Best of Both Worlds with Master's International.

More Information

Peace Corps is strongly committed to helping returned Peace Corps Volunteers transition back to the United States. Peace Corps staff work directly with current Volunteers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), and public and private sector leaders to develop the following career and transition support services for RPCVs:

Returned Volunteers FAQs

Do you have a question regarding your post-service benefits? Unsure of where to return your passport? Want to know how to fill out a federal employment application? We have the answers for you.

Find a Job

Peace Corps' Returned Volunteer Services (RVS) provides career and transitional support to recently returned Peace Corps Volunteers. We have many resources to help you transform your Peace Corps experience into a new career.

Noncompetitive Eligibility 

RPCVs can receive temporary noncompetitive status for federal employment. This powerful tool allows qualified and eligible RPCVs to circumvent the competitive hiring process for employment at certain federal agencies.

RPCV Career Events

RPCVs are welcome to attend a variety of career events, specifically targeted to help returned Volunteers leverage the value of their Peace Corps service in the job search. Returned Volunteer Services offers a 4 day career conference in Washington, DC, multiple 1 day events around the country, and a variety of online webinars.

Hire an RPCV 

RPCVs have demonstrated cross-cultural awareness, project management skills, resourcefulness, leadership, and a host of other qualities. Returned Volunteer Services has many different ways to tap into this qualified population. Find out how to bring an RPCV into your workplace today.

Here is an article that was posted by the Huffington Post about Peace Corps service expanding career options.