Current Students

UndergraduatesBrittney Manzagol

"I chose to major in environmental studies at CU Boulder because the curriculum gives a balanced education that combines a strong scientific knowledge base with communication and critical thinking skills.” Brittney Manzagol, ENVS 2014

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program, and utilizes existing courses in various Arts and Sciences departments. The program is designed to provide a broad, but rigorous education in environmental issues and problem-solving.

If you are an undergraduate ENVS major, or you are interested in becoming one, please on the link at the right for more information.

Graduate Students

ENVS is a truly interdisciplinary graduate program that awards two degrees: Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Current graduate students, as well as those considering our program, will find information on degree requirements, financial aid, fellowship opportunities, and other useful resources by clicking on the link to the right.