Program in Environmental Design

University of Colorado Boulder

ENVD Peer Mentor Program

Do you want helpful hints on how to do well in class, manage your time, avoid gaining the freshmen 15, and not get lost on the Boulder bus system? Then the ENVD Peer Mentor program is for you! Use this opportunity to get paired with an ENVD student who will be your guide and resource to the university, the ENVD program, and your design classes.

This two-semester program for freshmen and transfer students where mentors develop one-on-one relationships with their mentees to help guide them through the challenges and obstacles of transitioning to college, tackling the ENVD curriculum, and learning how to navigate university life.

The ENVD Peer Mentor program is a certified international mentor training program through the College Reading & Learning Association where mentors can earn professional certification by completing 15 hours of training and 50 hours of mentoring experience.

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Sheryl Levart-Koutsis
Coordinator, Student Engagement and Community-Building Programs
(303) 735-2867

Hannah Bennett-Haughey
Peer Mentor Program Student Coordinator

Brea Workman

Hello, my name is Breanna “Brea” Workman and I am starting my fourth year at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the ENVD program – emphasis in architecture. Integrating myself into this program was not the easiest for me and I wished I had an awesome mentor to help me through the process. Lucky for you, I’ve already gone through most of the hard parts and understand more than anything the struggles most face when entering this program. Don’t get me wrong, the program here is amazing and definitely provides the tools and lessons necessary to be successful when actually being a paid architect. However, the program here is far from easy. You should know you’re headed to design school and will be expected to be creative. I can help you with breaking into the mindset of a designer and I can give you tips on how to be successful in this program as well as juggling life along with classes. In addition to being a mentor, I am also a Peer Leader. I enjoy running, hiking, camping, river rafting, skiing, and discovering new delicious places to eat in the lovely city of Boulder. I’m so looking forward to meeting you in the coming year; congrats and welcome!

Bryce Fish

Hello all, Bryce congratulates you on being admitted to the greatest program EVER. Bryce knows that this program is difficult and is ready to assist you. His favorite aspects of the program include model building and graphics. Bryce is going into his Sophomore year so he holds the secrets to success. He hails from the beautiful city of Santa Cruz located on the coast of California (NorCal for life). Bryce could be considered a hip-hop head the current rotation includes Raz Simone, Freddie Gibbs, Demrick & Cali Cleve, Flatbush ZOMBiES, Logic, BJ the Chicago Kid (the list goes on…). Those long playlists are crucial to studio sessions. Outside of music, his obsessions include slack-lining, coffee, audio systems, clothing, cars (1982 300TD Mercedes Benz), snowboarding, fixed gear bikes (brakeless of course), and dabbles in rock climbing. Bryce knows that fitting as many activities into the day as possible is the best way to live. He is ready to teach his mentees how to manage time like a champ. Naps are unnecessary in Bryce’s book (always compensate with coffee). The ultimate goal is make your first year manageable and positive.

Duncan Miller

Hey! My name is Duncan Miller, and I am a Junior in ENVD with an emphasis in planning. I love long walks on the beach, which is unfortunate since I have lived in the Denver area my entire life. However, I love hiking and long walks about the city even more! Apart from hiking and city walks, I love reading and watching Netflix in my free time, and also playing quidditch (yes it is a real sport even without flying brooms). I have played clarinet, bass guitar, and the French horn, and also enjoy listening to and collecting vinyl records. Though I am a textbook introvert and can be a bit quiet at first, I still love meeting and getting to know new people. I am an ideas person, great at seeing the big picture. Because of this I am great at giving advice and helping people through tough times. ENVD, though challenging, is a great program, and I hope I can help you out to a fantastic first year!

Elyse Skinner

Hey Guys! Congrats on being accepted to the best major out there! My name is Elyse Skinner and I am a sophomore in Environmental Design starting a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media this fall. I love graphic design and would kill to be a designer for Disney’s Theme Parks someday! I am extremely familiar with all things freshmen from ENVD projects, to getting involved, to surviving the dorms and roommates. ENVD is my second home (literally) and I am Sergeant at Arms in the Environmental Design Student Government. When I’m not running around studio, I can be found at CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) events and CU’s Swing Dance Club. I am a Colorado native and love hiking and running! My obsessions to the point of insanity include sarcasm, Harry Potter, singing, the smell of rain, music, art, reading, musical theater, and the sound of cold breaking chocolate. Oh and I like nature too, so that’s pretty neat! If you like design and can handle all my energy and sense of humor then I can assure you we’ll get along like cats and dogs! Wait…

Hannah Bennett-Haughey

Hey there! My name is Hannah. I’m the Peer Mentor Student Coordinator and I would love to help you get going in this awesome program. On top of running the Peer Mentor Program, I’m President of the Environmental Design Student Government and a Student Ambassador for the program too. Basically, I think ENVD is kick ass and I really like to be involved and think it would be cool if I could help you do the same. In my free time I love watching Netflix, catching up on Game of Thrones, hiking, going to the comic book store, getting any form of coffee, shopping on Pearl Street, going to Denver, walking around beautiful Boulder, listening to music, and doing anything I can to keep busy. I also have a baby chameleon. His name is Franklin and he’s pretty badass. I know that the first year can be scary, especially in this major, and I’m here to help you get through it and do the most awesome job possible. I hope to meet you soon!

Kailey Geary

Hey I’m Kailey! I’m a third year student in the ENVD program and plan on pursuing architecture/graphic design as well as minoring in the TAM program. I grew up here in Denver, Colorado and I love everything this state has to offer (especially Boulder). I graduated high school a semester early and went backpacking in Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia for about 4 and a half months. I definitely have a strong case of wanderlust and I feel like traveling is the best way to understand cultures and the world we live in. I also love to ski/snowboard (I flip back and forth between the two), the mountains are for sure my happy place! A few of my favorite music artists include Disclosure, Led Zeppelin, Flume, The Grateful Dead, Lana Del Rey, XXYYXX, Odesza, and Crystal Castles (having a good playlist of music is key when tackling ENVD projects). As your peer mentor my goal is to help you have a good time, while giving you advice and insight along the way. I was once in your shoes and experienced all the same joys and struggles you are about to face. I am here for you to lean on, even on those long nights when you’ll be in studio till dawn. This program will take up a lot of your time, but you’ll come to find it is well worth it. Get excited for this upcoming year, I can’t wait to see you this fall!

Kyle Kapaun

Hey! I’m Kyle I am a Junior in the Program emphasizing in Architecture. I am a Colorado Native and have wanted to be an architect for as long as I can remember, even in-between those times I wanted to be a doctor or a zoo keeper, until I learned that was just a glorified poop picker upper. ENVD is absolutely the best program in the entire world and I’m so excited to help you grow and succeed in your first year. The ENVD program is like my second family, you know just about everyone. Through the ENVD Program I have met some of my best friends and am even going on a week long road trip with them to Canada. Outside of school I love to adventure around Boulder, work on my photography skills and hangout with my friends. I can’t wait to welcome you into the program and help you succeed in your first year at CU Boulder.

Kyra Traxler

Hi! My name is Kyra, and I’m going into my third year here in ENVD. My current emphasis is Design Studies, and I would like to pursue something related to lighting design. One of my favorite things about the ENVD program is getting the opportunity to study many types of design. I love this program, and truly believe that the more energy you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Additionally, what you get out of it isn’t just a new set of skills and a portfolio, but work to be proud of, lasting experiences, and the best of friendships. I am happy and excited to help you navigate your way through the program and answer any questions you might have! I have two main tricks to ENVD survival. First is to make friends in the program. I know this might sound cheesy, but your ENVD friends will become your second family, there to support you and encourage you and understand you more than anyone else in your life will. Then, stay busy (which isn’t too hard). I find that if you’re busy, you actually do a better job of staying on top of your life. I’m a Student Ambassador for ENVD and work at a clothing store in Boulder. I love clothes, and while my mother says I have too many, I am of the opinion that that isn’t possible. I also do try to have a social life. I love hiking (I think that might come from being a native Boulderite...), and plan on spending my free time this summer exploring Rocky Mountain National Park and going on a road trip to Canada with my ENVD friends. I look forward to meeting you on the flip side!

Madden Kuljis

Hello, Hello!  My name is Madden, yes Madden just like Madden the football video game and I am going to be a sophomore in Environmental Design program majoring in Architecture. I have grown up in Colorado, in the suburbs of Denver and I attended Cherry Creek High School.  Since I am a native Coloradan, I love spending time outside. I shred the gnar as much as possible. I go on hikes in the Flatirons and hammock around. I like to dabble in photography when I'm not hiking or skiing. I am also apart of the club frisbee team at CU. All of these hobbies have helped me keep a clear head especially when I am stressed out with projects in studio. I was in your shoes just last year and I had a great peer mentor that showed me the ropes to this program. I would love to have the opportunity to give you some tips and tricks that will ease the stress and make it easier to succeed!

Nicole Hagen

Hi my name is Nichole Hagen. I will be a junior majoring in ENVD with an emphasis in Architecture with a minor in Women’s Studies and Business. I am also the president of the Boulder Gymnastics team here at CU. I am a very active person. I love to do gymnastics and anything out doors. I love to golf, go hiking, and camping. I go camping every weekend in the summer with my family and friends. My family owns a wake boat that we take camping. I love to wake surf and to be out on the water. I love being in the Environmental Design Program so I would love to help other thrive in this program!

Olivia Flynn

Hi! My name is Olivia Flynn and I am a junior in the Environmental Design Program. I am originally from Indianapolis, IN. My parents now live in Michigan, Indiana, and Arizona.  At CU, I am studying environmental design with a landscape architecture track and am pursuing an education minor. My hope is to create outdoor spaces to connect children with their natural environments. Beyond school, I am the vice president for the Student Association of Landscape Architects, I am the media officer for Best Buddies, I am involved in a sorority, and I am a digital design intern for a nonprofit in Denver! Outside of school and organizational responsibilities, I like to have fun! I am a lover all things beautiful and fun. I like to spend my time with nature; hiking and hammocking in colorful Colorado. I like to spend time with music as well; buying records and seeing as many live shows as I can. I love to create and spend time on my projects for ENVD as well as painting and drawing at home. Basically, adventuring and trying new things is how I like to spend my time. Welcome to CU and to Environmental Design, I hope we get to adventure together!

Sarah Wachter

Hello there! My name is Sarah! I am super stoked to embark on my 3rd year in the Environmental Design Program. This school has uncovered my passion for learning about kid-friendly environments, and landscapes that can be ecologically rehabilitated, which is how I have come to find myself pursuing the Landscape Architecture track. I look forward to beginning my responsibilities as a Junior Representative in ENVD's student government, the President of the Student Association of Landscape Architects, and a social media intern for the Congress for New Urbanism. I am a proud Colorado native, originating from Arapahoe County. I will forever love Colorado for the fact that the best vacations/adventures are hidden within my own majestically humbling backyard. When I am not reading, studying, or working on projects, I like to escape into the mountains for unscripted adventure, keep up with friends through intramural sports, and feed the beast that is my obsession with T.V. shows with the help of  Netflix. When I really have time to kill I love to explore new areas of  Boulder, hike  Chautauqua, or further familiarizing myself with Boulder's wide variety of cuisine. My most recent obsessions this summer reside in the new Mumford and Sons album(honesty hour: the only reason I have Spotify premium is so that I can listen to this one album on repeat without shuffle...), and the shows House of Cards and Orphan Black. A motto that I have stumbled upon during my time here at CU is that school can and should be fun! I can't wait to hang out and answer whatever questions you have! Let's have an awesome year!!

Xiomara Amaro

Hi, I am Xiomara Amaro. I’m a senior this year in ENVD, focusing in Architecture. I’m a born and raised Denverite with a severe case of wanderlust. My passport shows visits to Portugal, Spain, France, Mexico, India, and most recently Italy and Croatia for my study abroad. Colorado will always be home, those Rocky Mountains have a way of stirring the soul, but I take every opportunity I can to see some place new because the world is full of wonder and I don’t want to miss out on any of it.When I am not a globe-trotting crusader, I am an AIAS member, a die-hard salsa dancing fiend, a chronically addicted bookworm, an avid movie watcher, a passionate theater nerd, and an adventurouscook. My friends and my family mean the world to me, and I hope I can make a difference to them theway they have for me.It took a long time getting here, but like many others, I fell in love with architecture by chance. Ithappened during a history of architecture class, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m determined toattend grad school, and although I have bigger dreams for the future, I’ll let life take me where it will.I’m motivated by belief in the profession and the positive changes we can create through intelligent,collaborative, and sustainable solutions that are driven by advocacy, and by social and environmental equity.I’m excited to graduate this spring and hope that I can offer the help and guidance you need toachieve your goals. I’d be happy to share my ideas and especially to hear yours. So now you know alittle bit about me, I want to hear about you. Whether I am fortunate enough to be your mentor or not,

please come find me, new faces are always welcome, and I can’t wait to get to know you.