Program in Environmental Design

University of Colorado Boulder

ENVD Peer Mentor Program

Do you want helpful hints on how to do well in class, manage your time, avoid gaining the freshmen 15, and not get lost on the Boulder bus system? Then the ENVD Peer Mentoring program is for you! Use this opportunity to get paired with an ENVD student who will be your guide and resource to the university, the ENVD program, and your design classes.

The ENVD Peer Mentor Program is a two-semester program for freshmen and transfer students where mentors develop a one-on-one relationship with their mentee to help guide them through the challenges and obstacles of transitioning to college, tackling the ENVD curriculum, and learning how to navigate university life.

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Sheryl Levart-Koutsis
Coordinator, Student Engagement and Community-Building Programs
(303) 735-2867

Hannah Bennett-Haughey
Peer Mentor Program Student Coordinator

Adam Meis

First thing's first, I'm on the leftest (leftest) // Just hanging from dat branch and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)
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Bring the bikes in, where the woodshop at? // Books all spillin', you should read that
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Alexis Petre

Hi I’m Alexis! I’m a transfer student from Edison State College in Florida where I got my associates of the arts with an architecture focus. I am going into my 4thyear here at CU. I chose Colorado well mainly for the mountains! Living on the east coast my whole life always next to the beaches I was ready for a change of scenery. My focus is still architecture, which I have been passionate about since I was in grade school...always playing with legos and even drawing floor plans of my dream homes as a kid. In the minimal amount of free time I have while in school I love photography, hiking, cooking, and traveling. This past semester I studied abroad in Barcelona and also did the global seminar in Mexico. I highly recommend both as I got to see and experience wonderful cultures, food, and architecture. I can’t wait to get to know you, enjoy all Boulder has to offer, and help your emersion into ENVD be fun and seamless!

Andrea Ekis

My name is Andii. I'm a sophomore here in the Program in Environmental Design, majoring in Architecture. I'm a member and coordinator for Designers Without Boundaries and work as a student assistant in ENVD. I'm originally from Fort Worth, Texas, although I have travelled a lot due to being in a military family. I knew I wanted to be an architect from a young age and fell in love with the mountains (Texas is just too flat), so CU Boulder was a natural fit. I love planning, designing and creating anything from buildings and short stories to food, events and furniture. Outside of studio, I enjoy snowboarding, caving, movies, reading, and food (of all kinds). On occasion I have been known to geek out on things related to Marvel, Studio Ghibli and the show Sherlock. I look forward to meeting you and helping you have a fun and successful first year.

Andrew Hoover

Hello my name is Andrew. I am a sophomore at CU. I am a native to Colorado so I have a good idea on where to find good food or a good spot for a getaway. I enjoy many outdoor activities and sports, for instance hiking, longboarding, and Hockey. My favorite sport bar none is Rugby, there is nothing like it. I am a huge joker and almost always have a smile prenatally on my face. I am a very driven individual here at ENVD and an all around hard worker. I would express that is something you should also strive for. I am here to help especially if you are having difficulties. I look forward to getting to know you all this year.

Sincerely Andrew

Andrew Landis

My name is Drew. I’m a second year student in ENVD but a third year student here at CU. I grew up in Littleton, went to high school at Green Mountain Valley School in Vermont (ski racing), and started my college experience at Boston University. Since then, I have bounced between Boston, Pennsylvania and Washington DC before returning to Boulder. I started my Architecture track a few years ago at Boston Architectural College before transferring to CU’s Department of Geological Sciences. It’s more than just studying rocks. I love to hike, ski, climb, run, travel, watch classic films, cook, eat, breath, live... I was on the CU rowing team prior to ENVD, so I like to do that too. The tricks I learned my first year at Boston Architectural College were crucial to my success in studio. You’ll learn a lot of tips your first year but I hope I’ll be able to provide you with a different set of tools for your own success here at CU.

Aracely Hernandez

Well hello there! My name is Aracely Hernandez, and I am a senior this year here at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am from Denver, Colorado and currently 20 years old. I am majoring in Architecture and minoring in Technology Arts, & Media, and I am a lover of all things design! (Aren’t we all?). I plan on pursuing a master’s degree in both Landscape Architecture and Architecture upon graduating from CU. I love all aspects of what we do because not only are we designing to better ourselves, we are designing to positively impact the lives of other people. My perfect career would be the design of homes or products. But if Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino, or Revit are involved in my career, chances are I will be more than content! My hobbies include nail art, netflixing, playing tennis, and running. I hate hiking. Okay, maybe not hate, but it is definitely not my favorite. I have an irrational fear of snails and don’t understand why. I am obsessed with chips and queso, as well as guacamole. If there was a food I could eat every single day - that would be it. I am most excited to be a part of Peer Mentors because not only is it my first time, but I would love to help my fellow ENVD students with anything they may need, and together we will surely strengthen the program and ourselves. Here’s to a good year ahead of us, and GO BUFFS!

Bodie Hultin

Hello! My name is Bodie. I am a senior this fall focusing in Landscape Architecture. A local Coloradoan, I am originally from Fort Collins and also went to school for one year in Oregon. Last semester I was lucky to be able to study in Barcelona, Spain and travel a bit! I love all of the different parts of the ENVD program, especially model building and digital graphics. Aside from school I also enjoy photography, music, soccer, the mountains (a given), and basically anything outside. ENVD is like a huge family and I look forward to helping you become a part of it!

Brandon Terrien

What’s up future mentee! My name is Brandon Terrien. I have been in the ENVD program for three years and I am focusing on Landscape Architecture. However, in the future I see myself doing something entrepreneurial and small scale design related. My hobbies are all the usual active Colorado things with the addition of gardening and motorcycling. I wish that I’d known about this program my freshman year, but now that I’m a senior, it’s the best I can do. Let me help make your time here more enjoyable and easier. Lets have some fun!

Breanna Workman

Hello, my name is Breanna Workman (or Brea for short) and I am starting my third year at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the ENVD program – emphasis in architecture. Integrating myself into this program was not the easiest for me and I wished I had an awesome mentor to help me through the process. Lucky for you, I’ve already gone through most of the hard parts and understand more than anything the struggles most face when entering this program. Don’t get me wrong, the program here is amazing and definitely provides the tools and lessons necessary to be successful when actually being a paid architect. However, the program here is far from easy. You should know you’re headed to design school and will be expected to be creative. I can help you distinguish between what is creative and what the bare minimum requirements of any given assignment are. The best tool of discernment I can give you is when to go above and beyond the expectations of your instructors and when to wrangle it in. I’m so looking forward to meeting you in the coming year!

David Miller

Buon giorno, friends and future ENVD students! My name is David Miller, and I am a transfer student going into my third year of the program. This isn’t my first rodeo, but I have found that I truly love what I do and where I am, and want to help you fall in love with it just as I have. I grew up in Seal Beach, CA, and spent most of my time playing sports or in the surf. I ventured to Colorado for the same reason most do, the great outdoors, but stuck around for the music scene! I spend as much time as I can afford going to shows. From small local bands to sold out at Red Rocks, I love it all. Other than that, I’m usually off riding my bike somewhere when it's warm, or searching for a powder stash when it's not, and somehow maintaining my 3.6 GPA. College can be tough, exciting, frustrating, rewarding, life-changing, mind-blowing, and just a wonderful experience. I want to help you navigate the peaks and pitfalls of life as an ENVD student at University of Colorado Boulder. Go Buffs!!

Deanna Hurd

Hello! Welcome to the next four years of your life! My name is Deanna, and I am a senior in CU’s Program of Environmental Design. I grew up in Colorado and love this state mostly because anything done outdoors is awesome. I love hiking, biking, camping, playing Frisbee, and running occasionally among other things. When I got to CU, investing in relationships made the biggest difference for me, and I value pouring in to others based on my experiences. Community and life outside of ENVD is very important to me, but I have learned the benefits of being involved in our program as I am on the board for APAS and in Designers without Boundaries. You will get what you put out of this Program, and I want to help you with that. I have a planning emphasis but love all the disciplines that I have studied in the past three years. This summer, I was the Development Intern at Boulder Housing Partners and have a heart for helping people who often get overlooked. I am excited to be a part of ENVD’s Peer Mentor Program and meet you and hopefully get coffee or lunch or hike or teach you a little something. You’re going to do great.

Dylan Davies

Hey, I’m Dylan. I am a senior in the ENVD program focusing on architecture. I have wanted to be an architect all my life and I love to share my passion with other people. I like going on bike rides. I am passionate about Photoshop, Rhino, and V-Ray and can help you with anything you want to do. I can also help with most 3D rendering software. All things design interest me and I am always looking for new and interesting designs. I am from Castle Pines but my heart is in Boulder, I love the outdoors and I will always join you for some cosmos. I am excited to meet you and welcome you to the ENVD family and the beautiful city of boulder!

Elizabeth Seaver

Hello there! My name is Elizabeth and I am now entering my final year as an ENVD student with an emphasis in Architecture. I grew up in Southern California and still call it home, so even though I love the mountains here, I am always missing the beach. This summer I am gaining my first full-scale building experience as I am participating in a Design Build where we are constructing a one room hermitage cabin near Taos, New Mexico. When not catching up in studio, you can probably find me baking cookies whilst singing loudly and obnoxiously. Oh yeah. As you’ll find most of us are, I am a nerd, particularly interested in all things Disney, Doctor Who, and of course, Game of Thrones. Be warned, if you bring a dog or any fuzzy animal around me, my voice naturally goes up about three octaves due to uncontrollable excitement. I am looking forward to a great last year and a chance to help you guys make a great first year!

Hannah Bennett-Haughey

Hello! I’m Hannah, and I will be a 2ndyear ENVD student with a focus in architecture in the upcoming fall. Having been in the program, I know some little tricks of the trade to survive your first year at CU. For example, you will cry. A lot. And wonder why you weren’t born a barnacle or a rock. But you will get through it, especially with my help. A few little known facts about me are that I really love eating pizza and watching Netflix. That’s actually a quite widely known fact but I’m hoping that as my mentee you may enjoy the same. I am an avid Lego fan and last year my peer mentor Spencer and I won the Lego design contest. I am hoping to carry on that Legocy. See what I did there? Anyway, there are a lot of cool mentors for you to choose from here in the program, but I have one question for you: did any of them submit a picture of themselves as Spider-Man climbing a building? I didn’t think so. See you in the fall.

Illarion Odnoralov

Hello! My name is Illarion (I know it’s crazy, blame my parents). I am a sophomore in the ENVD program at CU and plan to pursue architecture. I’ve been wanting to be an architect ever since I can remember, and I am really excited to be on my second year of this program. Having survived the same exact courses you will be taking as an incoming freshman (yes, “survived” is an appropriate word), I joined the ENVD Peer Mentor program because I want to help make this year as smooth as possible for you. Along with architecture I am majoring in piano (you wouldn’t expect how many similarities they actually have), and although I’ve broken a personal record of “longest time without sleep” this year, I can honestly say that coming here was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my academic career. I love to travel, and will be studying abroad in Denmark for my junior year. Besides these things, I love to read, write, play music, go to concerts, you know.... All that jazz. Looking forward to meeting you, and good luck to you!

Jacqui Painter

Hey future designers!! I’m Jacqui, a Senior (woop woop!) here at Environmental Design. I’m a native from big and fabulous New York City (Manhattan & Brooklyn to be exact); so coming to Boulder was a huge change for me. I wanted to experience something completely different in culture and landscape. I first got interested in Architecture and Design through the whole “green movement”, but being here has given me such a broad spectrum in design knowledge that just about any kind interests me. Apart from my emphasis in Architecture, I’m also head over heels for graphic design, advertising, furniture design, and fashion design. I have spent my summers doing an Architecture Internship at Silberstang & Lasky in NYC and my job at our Program (come say hi!- I’m on the third floor!). Even if you don’t become my mentee, chances are 100% in your favor for meeting me (sorry not sorry). I’m President of the Environmental Design Student Government, First Year Experience Program Student Coordinator, and Head Ambassador, meaning you’ll definitely be subjected to one of my speeches, have the pleasure of seeing one of my pink triforce stickers outside the building, or the loud sound of my heels trekking through the hallways. I absolutely love the close-knit Environmental Design community and working in Student Gov to making everyone’s college experience the best it could be. This has created the opportunity for me to know everyone in the building (which I’m sure they loove), and find my place within our ENVD family. I look forward to helping you get involved, find out what your design is, and love our Program as much as I do.

James Watt

Hello all, My name is James and I’m a fourth year Landscape Design student at ENVD with a minor in Japanese (初めまして!). My primary interests within the design fields are urban agriculture, food systems design, and studying local and regional food traditions. I also grow as much of my own produce as a can as well as helping out with the garden by the C4C dinning hall. If you can’t tell, I really like food and all the design thinking around it! Hailing from Northern California, I also enjoy such outdoorsy things as going for spontaneous and lengthy runs, racing up bouldering walls and mountains alike, bombing down questionable trails on my mountain bike, and jumping in most any body of water that happens to be around. Additionally, my life would not be complete without cello, astrophysics, an episode of Game of Thrones here and there, or the entirety of Baja California. I can also probably tell you a thing or two about surviving and succeeding in ENVD. If you like any of these things, I have a feeling we’ll get along famously!

JoAnna Mendoza

Hey I'm JoAnna! Originally from Venezuela (yes, I'm fluent in Spanish), but have been living in Colorado on and off my whole life. CU is the only university I applied to and I love it here. I'm a junior in the program and I'm leaning towards an emphasis in urban planning. I transferred into ENVD from MCDB (Molecular cellular developmental biology) so I for sure know what it feels like to be a little lost in some of the classes; which is what inspired me to become a peer mentor. There's a lot more to good design than you would expect, and I'm here to help you grasp everything the environmental design program encompasses. The program is small compared to the rest of campus, which is great because there's a true camaraderie between everyone. My friends would describe me as outgoing, optimistic, laid back, and spontaneous. I love the work hard, play hard mentality of CU and it's definitely a life style I've adopted. I'm dedicated to the program and although it does require endless all nighters, I've learned to balance the work with a good time. When I'm not at the studio slaving away I like to dance, go to Red Rocks, do anything water related (swimming, kayaking, rafting...), and just be around friends. I also spend a lot my free time literally daydreaming about the Rottweiler puppy I have yet to get. I keep a pretty open mind thoug h, so if you do different things for fun I'm always down to join. Transferring into the ENVD program was the best decision I've made in college and I hope you love it too!

John Coats

Hi everyone! I’m John and I am currently a junior in the Environmental Design Program hoping to become a professional architect. I have been living in Colorado for the past 7 years, but before living in Colorado I was living in Germany and all over the East Coast. Traveling and experiencing different cultures was what got me so interested and passionate about architecture. I really enjoy the model making process in studio and coming up with creative graphic designs. Being creative and coming up with design solutions to problems is what I love about the ENVD program. When I am not in studio I enjoy watching movies and being with friends. I also love playing soccer, running, and hanging out with my twin brother, which I live with. I am really excited for this new school year and I can’t wait to show you around ENVD and get you ahead!

Kailey Geary

Hi I’m Kailey! I am a second year student in the ENVD program and plan on pursuing architecture and digital design. I grew up here in Denver, Colorado and I love everything this state has to offer (especially Boulder). I graduated high school a semester early and went backpacking in Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia for about 4 and a half months. I definitely have a strong case of wanderlust and I feel like traveling is the best way to understand cultures and the world we live in. I also love to ski/snowboard (I flip back and forth between the two), the mountains are for sure my happy place! A few of my favorite music artists include Disclosure, Led Zeppelin, Flume, The Grateful Dead, Lana Del Rey, XXYYXX, Tupac, and Crystal Castles (having a good playlist of music is key when tackling ENVD projects). As your peer mentor my goal is to help you have a good time, while giving you advice and insight along the way. I was in your shoes last year and experienced all the same joys and struggles you are about to face. I am here for you to lean on, even on those long nights when you’ll be in studio till dawn. This program will take up a lot of your time, but you’ll come to find it is well worth it. Get excited for this upcoming year, I can’t wait to see you this fall!

Kenzie Naylor

Hey! My name is Kenzie Naylor and I am currently a junior in the ENVD program, emphasizing in Architecture. I grew up a little south of Denver in Greenwood Village. I love keeping myself busy and am involved in many activities. I am currently the Treasurer of the Environmental Design Student Government, in a sorority, and on many intramural teams here on campus. I love playing sports, especially soccer and tennis, but have tried just about every other one. I also love running, drawing, almost every kind of music, hanging out with friends, and being outdoors. I am a very energetic and personable girl. I enjoy going out on the weekends and meeting all kinds of people. I have been in your shoes with the worries and nerves about ENVD and college in general, so I am here to help with anything you need. Choosing to come to CU and enrolling in the ENVD Program was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I hope I can help you in realizing that as well. I love what I have done so far in ENVD, and even though it is a lot of work, I know it will be very useful in my career to come. My time so far at CU has been unforgettable and the best two years of my life, and I hope it will be the same for you! Welcome to Boulder and to the Environmental Design Program! I can’t wait to meet you!

Lauren Tatusko

Hi! My name is Lauren Tatusko. I am a junior in the ENVD program. I plan on declaring my emphasis in Architecture this upcoming spring. I grew up right outside of Boulder, which I believe helped shaped me as a person. I love adventure: hiking, skiing, running, you name it. I love to watch and play all sorts of sports. I participate in intramural’s here on campus. Other things that interest me are photography, all sorts of music, and hanging out with my friends. I am very sociable and energetic girl, I love to have fun. Though this program is a lot of work, I work hard to find the balance between my school work and my social life. I love going out on weekends, meeting all sorts of new people. Balancing all the new aspects of college can be hard. I am here to help you make that transition between high school and college smoother. The ENVD program is a lot of work and a lot of time spent in the studio, but the hours are better if spent with friends who will eventually become your family. Attending CU and being in the ENVD program for the last two years have been the best few years of my life. I absolutely love it here, and I hope to help you love it just as much! Welcome to Boulder! I can’t wait to meet you!

Leah Gordon

Hi! My name is Leah Gordon and I am going to be a senior this fall (crazy). My emphasis is in architecture and I plan on going to grad school so I can eventually get my license. I came all the way from South Carolina, where I grew up on the beach, but I skied out west with my family every year. This led me to falling in love with I had to go to school there! I just studied abroad this past semester in Florence, Italy and it was the most incredible experience, but I can’t wait to be back in Boulder in August! I look forward to meeting all the mentees and helping you adjust to the college lifestyle and become part of the ENVD fam!

Libby Anderson

Hey there! I’m Libby, I am a senior here with an emphasis in Planning. Architecture first made it into my life that fateful day when I picked up my first lego, I’ve been in love ever since. I come from the marvelous town of Littleton, Colorado aka Littlefun. I am right at home in the ENVD program, the studio is my second home both by necessity and by choice. I have a few passions in my life: design, reality tv, hockey, and breakfast foods. I spent this past semester abroad and am more than willing to discuss why Denmark is the greatest place in the world to bike. I love doing things, whether it be rewatching every episode of Girls, or going for a hike. I am obsessed with all aspects of design and I love sharing my passion with others. I am also in love with fonts, if you ever need help picking a beautiful san serif font, I’m your girl. I’m stoked to share my love of ENVD with you and can’t wait to welcome you into the ENVD family! Boulder is a great place to be, so get excited! And as always Go Buffs!

Molly Kostoff

Hi! I’m Molly and I’m a junior in the Program in Environmental Design. Currently, I plan on pursuing this degree with an emphasis on architecture. During the past two years I really learned a lot about computer graphics and building models. This program is the best and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I grew up around Boulder my entire life and enjoy tennis, hiking, camping, photography, music, and traveling. While I have visited many places, my favorite places are Argentina and Salamanca, Spain. Overall, I am a great listener and love getting to know new people. I can’t wait to meet you and to help you transition into the program and life at CU!

Oscar Saucedo

Hello! My name is Oscar Saucedo. I am a senior this fall focusing on Urban Planning! I am 21 years old and I am from Denver Colorado. I enjoy doing a wide verity of things from designing master plans to drawing and to working on cars. I like drawing in my free time and I like to work on cars when never I have some time to spare. I like working with different graphic design programs such as Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Inventor. If you need some help, or want to know how to use some of these programs ill be more than glad to teach you! Oh I also know a little bit of coding such as Python and Java Script! I also enjoy the outdoors and playing some sOsOoccer, hiking, or just hanging out with friends getting some ice cream or watching movies. I am part of the Designers Without Boundaries and I am on the board of APAS (American Planning Association for Students). I am looking forward to have you as my mentee and helping you out through the school year!

Shannon Votaw

Hello! My name is Shannon Votaw and I am a Senior in the Environmental Design Program. My emphasis is in Landscape Architecture and my passion is graphic design. I can help with everything Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm originally from Texas and had always dreamed of living in Colorado because of the beautiful mountains and snow. When I'm not spending time in the studio I like to snowboard, hike, and bike. I also love to cook, read, listen to music, sing, and do all kinds of crafts. When I found out about the ENVD program I knew it was the perfect fit for me because I love both design and the environment. I have fallen in love with Colorado and Boulder these past 3 years and going to CU has been an amazing experience. I have been able to complete all my ENVD courses while taking a variety of other classes including two anthropology classes, three philosophy classes, voice, and more.  Although taking so many extra credits was tough at times I have learned so much, especially about time management and responsibility. School can be tough and rewarding and I feel like I have really managed to make the most of my experience in ENVD. I will be very sad to leave this school but I can't wait to pass my knowledge on to new ENVD students in my final year in the program!

Spencer Kalata

Hello! My name is Spencer; I’m a senior with a focus in architecture. I hail from a shadowy place of sprawling suburbs to the south, known as Colorado Springs. I grew up wanting to live in an exciting, fast paced city and design awesome environments within it, but for now I’m here in Boulder. I am a Senator for the ENVD Student Government within the Legislative Council of CUSG and am on the joint board between CUSG and Radio 1190; it’s pretty trill. I also work for the school doing web and graphic design. The one thing I love as much as designing is music. I have played multiple instruments for almost half of my life now, and spend much of time writing and recording. I love deriving art from structure, which I believe is the foundation for both music and architecture. I watch too many movies and sometimes find myself speaking in entirely quotes. If I’m not watching Doctor Who or Sherlock, I tend to be impatiently waiting for the next season to air, and complaining about how long its taking. I’m a pretty decent mentor, because I can help you with homework, especially if its software related, I’m pretty much always around the building, and… I am Iron Man.

Tyler Roberts

Hello! Very excited to have you in the program! My name is Tyler and I am a senior with an emphasis in Architecture. I have grown up in Colorado my whole life and love doing all sorts of activities. Mainly that involves throwing some Frisbee, playing some Frisbee golf, basketball, gaming; really anything where I can be super competitive and inevitably lose. In terms of Architecture, I absolutely love telling stories. I am also a minor in Creative Writing and so it is very interesting to me how the two mediums can crossover. How can a story be told through a building? Through the journey of experiencing a piece of Architecture or more simply, a space? I am super pumped that you have decided to join the ENVD program and I look forward to helping out in any way that I can. But more than helping out, I look forward to creating a great friendship with you this upcoming year. It’s going to be a blast.