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Do you want helpful hints on how to do well in class, manage your time, avoid gaining the freshmen 15, and not get lost on the Boulder bus system? Then the ENVD Peer Mentor program is for you! Use this opportunity to get paired with an ENVD student who will be your guide and resource to the university, the ENVD program, and your design classes.

This two-semester program for freshmen and transfer students where mentors develop one-on-one relationships with their mentees to help guide them through the challenges and obstacles of transitioning to college, tackling the ENVD curriculum, and learning how to navigate university life.

The ENVD Peer Mentor program is a certified international mentor training program through the College Reading & Learning Association where mentors can earn professional certification by completing 15 hours of training and 50 hours of mentoring experience.

Sheryl Levart-Koutsis
Coordinator, student Engagement and Community-Building Programs
(303) 735-2867

Hannah Bennet-Haughey
Peer Mentor Program Student Coordinator

Peer Mentors

Amanda Bagwell Amanda Bagwell

I’m from Dallas, Texas! I’ve found I really enjoy hiking since being in Boulder and just being outdoors in general, my Eno is always with me now in case I feel like relaxing. Just recently I’ve found a love for dancing, and take beginner classes in lots of different styles. But every now and then, reading a good book is just what’s needed to have a great afternoon. There isn’t a kind of music I don’t like, I think you can find a song in any genre that you’ll end up loving, or at the very least have an appreciation for. My favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands, I can never watch it too many times. For books, there are just so many books out there with wonderful messages and stories that I can’t pick just one. Growing up in Dallas, there wasn’t much in terms of pretty, scenic views. But in Boulder, I feel like everywhere I look is a picture-worthy shot. I love the mountains and that hiking and just being outdoors is so readily available. Coming into ENVD second semester of freshman year, I was worried that I’d be behind or that I wouldn’t know anybody, but everyone was so friendly and helpful when I had questions. The people are so collaborative and don’t mind helping out when you’re confused whether they know you or not. ENVD is a very time-consuming major and very different than any traditional subject you would take in high school. I could help my mentee with managing their time and workload with ENVD and just the transition process of getting immersed into ENVD.

Brea Wrokman Brea Workman

I’m from Buena Vista, Colorado. I enjoy reading, drawing, running, skiing, rafting, camping, and hiking. I love anything but country music. My top five favorite movies are Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Princess Bride, Young Frankenstein, The Big Lebowski, and Ever After. My favorite book is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. My favorite mountain is Mount Elbert. My favorite thing about Boulder is the people! They are kind, they are hilarious to observe, and they mean well. I love that ENVD is one of the smallest on campus. We know all the people in it, we know all the professors and instructors pretty well, and none of us are forgotten. I would help my mentee with anything they ask assistance with. I love drafting and would be happy to give a few pointers on line weight, I enjoy diagramming and would be happy to help figure out colors or layout patterns, and I love our campus! I would be happy to help my mentee get around campus and Boulder itself. I most enjoy coffee dates. I find these to be a good place to catch up with my mentees to see whether there are any concerns about assignments, roommates, or adjusting to college life in general. I’ve been told I’m a good listener and pretty good at giving solid advice -although I am painfully honest. 

Dan Liu Dan Liu

Hi there! My name is Dan. I’m from Shenzhen, China. I guess only a few of you know where it is until I say “neighbor of Hong Kong”. Even though Boulder is so different from Shenzhen, I feel so comfortable to live here because everyone is so nice. I may be not that talkative at first, but trust me, I am a chatterbox. I am really into pop music, animals (especially cats), handwork, design, traveling, animations, movies, novels, food, and shopping. Recently, I am obsessed with One Dance by Drake and Leon by Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. There are so many reasons why I love ENVD. For example, helpful people, those crazy ideas I learned, interesting programs, omnipotent DMC, sweet first-aid kits and holiday candies. Since I am an Asian, you may consider that I am good at Math. Honestly, not every Asian is good at it. But I am, fortunately, not bad at Math. So if you are struggling with any Math problem, feel free to ask me, I will always be here for you. Also, I will take the Physics class next semester. So, welcome to ask me the Physical problem! I hope you will have a great year with me! I always have some crazy ideas and I would like to share with you.

Elyse Skinner Elyse Skinner

I’m from Littleton, CO! I spend my free time singing, drawing, running, anything design related, hiking, reading, I’m an aspiring baker, and I’m very sarcastic. My favorite music genre is folk. My favorite bands/artists are the Oh Hello’s, Ingrid Michaelson, and all showtunes, but currently I am obsessed with Hamilton #obsessed. My favorite thing about Boulder would be all the diverse opportunities for students to partake in. Pearl Street offers a variety of restaurants and cool shops while Chautauqua allows me to get outdoors and explore Boulder within a five-mile radius. There is always a list of never-ending fun to be had in Boulder. If I was told I had to choose one thing I love about ENVD, I would say, “I only get to choose one?” Ok one things I absolutely love about ENVD is the great community that is developed within our major. There are so many ways for students to get connected in ENVD within their studios and across classes through our awesome student groups. Besides getting to design all the time in this program, I get to do it surrounded by a fun, supportive community. I will be happy to help my mentee with time management and involvement here at CU. I love helping students get involved in things they are interested and helping them succeed in their first year courses. I am very familiar with first year course material, so would be able to help them with skills they might need regarding their projects and helping them understand what their professors are asking of them. 

Emelia SteinmetzEmelia Steinmetz

I’m from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I love being outside, crafting, and video games! I love 80s rock and alternative music the most, but I will listen to anything. Disney movies are definitely my favorite. One thing I love about Boulder is that the population of is so diverse and there are many things to do, and it’s also beautiful! I love the creative freedom of ENVD and the constructive criticism given to you by your peers and professors. I will help my mentee with any questions they have. I want them to feel like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to even if that means asking for help!


Eric SherwoodEric sherwood

I’m from Highlands Ranch, CO. In my free time, I enjoy photography, hiking, running, and reading! I must say I’m a big Netflix binger. I don’t watch too many movies, but I’m a huge fan of Parks and Rec, The Office, West Wing, and Breaking Bad. My favorite thing about Boulder is that we are so close to so many different outdoor activities. Whether you want to spend a day on a hike or on Pearl, everything is convenient and close by. I love that the program is really a community of people sharing a common interest. Each semester is packed with so much information, and having such a strong support system of peers and professors really makes it a great place to learn and grow. I will help my mentee understand all the new things they learn during their first year in ENVD! I remember feeling really overwhelmed at times, and fortunately, my mentor was there to help me out. I want to do the same for my mentee.

Kyra Traxler Kyra Traxler

I’m from Boulder, Colorado. I really enjoy hiking, skiing, shopping, reading, spending time with friends, and going on crazy adventures! If I had to pick a favorite book or movie…I can’t do favorites. They change daily. I love science fiction & fantasy books and movies as a rule, but couldn’t say if I have a favorite within that. Then I like all music, and my playlist ranges from Rascal Flatts to Green Day to Bastile. My favorite thing about Boulder is being able to just walk outside and go on an adventure. I love to hike and ski and just enjoy the outdoors, which is definitely easy to do here! One of my favorite things about the ENVD program is getting the opportunity to study many types of design. You aren’t confined to any one major or path of design. I love that I can be an architecture emphasis while still being able to take classes in Design Studies and Lighting Design, which are two things that I’ve found a passion for in ENVD. I love this program, and truly believe that the more energy you put into it, the more you will get out of it! I am happy to help my mentee with any and all things. In particular, I love to help with studio projects, especially anything related to digital and graphic design.

Natalie MaddenNatalie Madden

I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO, but have also lived in Hawaii and just spent 5 months abroad living in Rome, Italy. I love sports and being outside. I train in kickboxing, play tennis, swim, and love hiking, especially with my dog. I enjoy painting, reading, and LOVE to cook! There aren’t many things that I don’t enjoy doing and I am always up for a new adventure. I love all music. I’m a Netflix addict and usually go for romcoms or action packed thrillers. I will read almost anything you hand me, but always go back for some good Harry Potter, with the occasional murder mystery or Nicholas Sparks on the side. I love Boulder for being a college town. Growing up in a spread out city, it always took so long to get anywhere, but Boulder has the perfect smallness to it that makes it easy to walk, bike, or drive everywhere in 10 minutes. It’s small, but definitely not lacking variety or things to keep you entertained. Not to mention it’s one of the prettiest, and happiest, cities in Colorado, Boulder’s vibes are what make it so special. I love the comradery in ENVD. At first, when I was a freshman, I was scared and intimidated by the idea of studio and needing to do my work here, but just within a couple of weeks I learned how important studio culture is. There will be times you are here until 4 am, but you’ll never be alone. There will be times you need advice or opinions, and you will have 20 other people willing to help or give advice in return for the same. You will be in the same classes with the same people from day 1 of freshman year until the last day of senior year, so you might as well get to know them. Without the studio culture and taking the time to know the people in my class, I would not be as successful as I am today in ENVD. We are one big family, so take advantage of it. I will help my mentee think outside the box and break their own boundaries. I will help them realize how much potential CU and ENVD have to offer, if they know how to utilize their resources. College is vastly different from high school, so I will help my mentee take college in stride, get their feet on the ground and head above water, so that they have the motivation and drive to be the best they can be in ENVD.

Olivia Herbert Olivia Herbert

My hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, running, soccer, eating food, and playing piano. I love Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Shrek (the first one), and any live music! My favorite thing about Boulder is the active lifestyle, and also Hungry Buffs. Something I love about ENVD is the community. I would help your mentee with finding their voice in the ENVD community.



Winter RoybalWinter Roybal

I am from Pueblo, CO, just about 2.5 hours south of Boulder. I love to read, shop, watch movies, dance, and be outdoors in my free time! I listen to pretty much any genre of music, but I love Ben Folds, Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, and Justin Bieber (a weird mix I know).  My favorite movies include Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Whip It, and pretty much anything romantic and cheesy.  I love to read young adult fiction of pretty much any kind, and I’m always open to suggestions of new books to read! My favorite thing about Boulder is the wide array of opportunities it provides.  From places to eat, to things to do, to places to work, the opportunities are endless. I love how ENVD gives its students the opportunity to explore different fields of design before having to choose a specific one.  I also love how tight knit the ENVD community is.  I know I can always come to my peers in the program for their opinions and support. As a mentor, I can help make the first year in ENVD and at CU less overwhelming.  I can provide advice on basic model building techniques and help with programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Last year, I learned all about time management so I can pass on all of my tips on how to fight procrastination!