ENVD Ambassador Program

What is a Student Ambassador?

ENVD ambassadors are students that serve as liaisons between prospective students, parents, and the university, as well as promote the Program in Environmental Design and provide connections between prospective and current ENVD students, staff, faculty, alumni and donors through informational and outreach events.

 What Does a Student Ambassador Do?

  • General Admission Tours of the Environmental Design Building
  • Assist with CU Admissions Events (Explore CU, Admitted Students Day, etc.)
  • Assist with ENVD Admissions Events (ENVD Student for a Day, ENVD Sampler, etc.)
  • Assist with Summer, Fall, and Spring New Student Welcomes
  • Attend Alumni & Donor Events
  • Work other monthly social ENVD events

Meet our Ambassadors:

Hannah Bennet-Haughey

Home Town: I grew up in Colorado Springs with my very large family and I had never moved until I made my decision to pack up and leave for Boulder, and I am so happy that I made the move.

Year: Senior

Emphasis: Architecture

Why ENVD: Even though I didn’t have far to go to get from home to college, I still felt incredibly homesick, and wasn’t sure that I made the right decision. However, once I realized how incredible ENVD is and how amazing all of the people and my friends in the program are, I understood that this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and I want to be there to help you out too!

Best Part of ENVD: I love being involved in this program more than anything.

ENVD Involvements: I am the Environmental Design Peer Mentor Student Coordinator as well as the Environmental Design Student Government President.

Future Plans: My future goal is to work for the LEGO Company, based out of the US or out of Copenhagen.

Karen Ruszkowski

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Year: Senior

Emphasis: Architecture

Why ENVD: Environmentalism is becoming an ever heated topic the world over.  I feel architects need to be more conscious of the buildings they create; but not just the buildings but also the land the buildings sit on as well as its surroundings. Through ENVD I am gaining and learning the knowledge to recognize these problems and hope to build more sustainable and better for the world.

Best Part of ENVD: The best part of ENVD is the rounded knowledge I am gaining.  I am learning not only what applies to architecture but also to landscape and planning.

ENVD Involvements: I am an ENVD Ambassador as well as the AIAS Junior Representative.

Future Plans: My goal is to go straight into grad school after I graduate ENVD.

Kyle Kapaun

Home Town: Parker, Colorado

Year: Senior

Emphasis: Architecture

ENVD Involvements: Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor, AIAS Marketer

Future Plans: I am planning on moving on to graduate school after I graduate from CU and eventually getting my license. I am really interested in hospital design and created spaces for people to heal with nature. I am also very interested in getting my degree in Urban and regional planning as well. I hope to be able to start a project and doing everything involved in it.

Why ENVD: Being an architect has always been the dream since I was a little kid. I first toured CU with my sister in 2008 and fell in love. I knew that CU was where I wanted to go to school and focused on getting here. I discovered ENVD and absolutely fell in love. The idea learning multiple disciplines and working with so many great people in class every day sounded amazing, and it is. I have loved learning everything from the ground up in this program. Learning each part of design has been really interesting starting with a smaller scale and moving us very interesting and has helped me learn tremendously.

Best Part of ENVD: The best part of ENVD is studio. I absolutely love coming to class and working on my projects with my teachers one on one, and working with my classmates as well. I love the different parts of the program and learning different curriculums every semester.

Kyra Traxler

Home Town: Boulder CO

Year: Senior

Emphasis: Design Studies

Why ENVD: I choose the ENVD program because I love design, but as a senior in high school I did not know if I wanted to study architecture or another form of design. After watching my older brother go through the program, I decided that ENVD was a perfect fit since it allowed for tracks in multiple design disciplines

Best Part of ENVD: In addition to having flexibility in what to study, my favorite part of the ENVD program is the people. I have met my best friends in this program, and their support and distractions and help and kindness are more than I could have imagined

ENVD Involvements: Lead Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor

Future Plans: I would like to design light fixtures as well as design the lighting schemes for buildings. Additionally, I hope to have to opportunity to travel, both within the states and internationally.

Madden Kuljis

Hometown: Denver

Year: Junior

Emphasis: Architecture

Why ENVD: Environmental Design is possibly one of the best majors out there. ENVD fosters creativity while also prepares its students for real world jobs. There isn’t any “busy work” done, every assignment is built upon and necessary to the end project. There is never a dull moment in ENVD. The consideration of the surroundings of a site that is taught makes this major specifically important to the built environment now.

Best Part of ENVD: The best part of ENVD is the relationships developed not only between fellow classmates but also between the faculty. Because of the small class size, everyone becomes familiar with one another. The studio classes create an environment that engages you one on one with your teacher, forming a relationship rarely found elsewhere.

ENVD Involvements: I am involved in Diverse Scholars as well as the peer mentor program.

Future Plans: My future plans are to graduate and travel while working at different firms before going back to graduate school for a major in architecture.

Winter Marie Roybal

Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado

Year: Sophomore

Emphasis: City Planning

Why ENVD: I have always loved being creative, and I am also passionate about helping the environment so the Program of Environmental Design is the perfect way to combine these two interests.  This program also allows its students to explore different pathways of design, which is different from most other programs.

Best Part of ENVD: The best part of ENVD is the community of students and teachers that are willing to help you with anything you need, whether it be class work or your college transition.

ENVD Involvements: I am the sophomore representative for Environmental Design Student Government, and I am part of the Peer Mentor Program.

Future Plans: I want to go to graduate school for city planning and/or historic preservation.