Program in Environmental Design

University of Colorado Boulder


Programming activities for ENVD Diverse Scholars and Designers Without Boundaries students include:

Fall Semester

  • ENVD Diverse Scholars Orientation (required) - August
    Orientation to ENVD Diverse Scholars and DWB program and participation requirements.
  • Fall Retreat (required) – August/September
    One-day retreat focused on team building and introducing new members to the ENVD Diverse Scholarscommunity.
  • Speaker Series (optional)
    Series of presentations by faculty and design professionals from the community who discuss their career and research areas to give insights into their professional development.
  • Midterm Checks (required) – October
    Students are required to meet with an advisor once a semester and participate in midterm evaluations. 
  • DWB Seminar (required 1x per academic year - DWB students only)
    One-credit hour cohort seminar that focuses on specialized skill building and community engagement. Open to all ENVD students on a space-available  basis.
  • Calculus, Physics, Structures Study Labs (optional) 
    Study labs in these subject areas offered in the SPACE
  • Peer Mentoring
    Student-managed program that pairs freshmen with upper-level students in an informal setting.

Spring Semester

  • Spring Retreat (required) - January
  • DWB Speaker Series (optional)
  • Midterm Checks (required) – March
  • DWB One-credit seminar (required 1x per academic year - DWB students only)
  • Calculus, Physics, Structures Study Labs (optional)
  • Spring Recognition & Graduation Banquet (required) – April
    An evening of celebration among students, faculty and staff where students are recognized for their contributions to the ENVD program and academic  success from the past year.
  • Peer Mentoring
  • CU-LEAD Student Symposium (optional) – March/April