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University of Colorado Boulder

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Spring 2014 Speaker Series

Wednesdays in ENVD 102 @ 12pm

Lunch is provided!

February 19th

Marco A. Maycotte

Marco graduated from the ENVD program this past spring. During his time at ENVD he was part of DWB.

Marco’s entrepreneurial skills and passion for design has lead him to jump start his own company, Viccii.  

Viccii.Org uses an approach that provides students and non-professionals a chance to share, learn, create, showcase work in their portfolio, compete and thrive in the professional world. Viccii promotes the connection between students and qualified individuals by facilitating mentorship programs, learning experiences, curriculum expansion, as well as a chance to showcase their work in their portfolio. It does this by providing a social network platform tailored to collaboration and connection via student to student, student to professional and professional to student interaction. Not only professionals, but individuals seeking the expertise and innovative designs of students can make full use of this website! Whether the area of expertise be that of architecture, design, photography, art, film, music, marketing...the list goes on and on. Any kind of individual or business can use Viccii.Org as a vehicle to find solutions for their bids proposed to our student base. We at Viccii create a medium not only for the professional realm, but also for individuals to have a chance to reach out to the student population for inspiration and fresh innovation in a very easy and meaningful way for both parties.

Marco will be on campus to further explain what his company is about and how it can help students with networking and career goals.

April 16th

Alex Chavez

Gaby Crespo

Alex and Gaby were introduced to DHA’s Mariposa Redevelopment Project through their participation in the ENVD Diverse Scholars program. After attending events with the Mariposa community members and after a rigorous interview process, they both received an academic internship scholarship to participate in the design of affordable housing and net-zero projects with WORKSHOP8, including Mariposa Phase VI. The program was funded through the University of Colorado Community Outreach Grant won by former W8 designer Marianne Holbert, Instructor in ENVD. Marianne hopes to receive this grant once again and continue to provide this opportunity to other ENVD Diverse Scholars students.

Alex and Gaby will be sharing their experiences of working in the field of design, affordable housing, and sustainability. They will be sharing everything they have learned and how they plan to use this information in their futures.

Requered Member Events:

February 1, 2014:

2014 Spring Retreat

Time and location to be announced.

April 18, 2014:

ENVD Diverse Scholars 6thAnnual Spring Recognition & Graduation Banquet

St. Julien Hotel & Spa


6pm to 8pm