Program in Environmental Design

University of Colorado Boulder

'Experiencing the Three Legged Stool: Social, Economic and Environmental Education in the Mariposa Redevelopment'

Instructor Marianne Holbert is running a community outreach project that seeks to establish a partnership with the Denver Housing Authority, Workshop8 architecture firm in Boulder and Designers Without Boundaries (DWB) in the Program in Environmental Design.


The Denver Housing Authority (DHA) is currently entering design on Phase VI of the Mariposa Redevelopment project in Denver, Colorado. The Mariposa, (formerly known as South Lincoln Homes) is owned and managed by Denver Housing Authority and contains 270 Public Housing units on 15.1 acres in the La Alma/Lincoln Park neighborhood of Denver. The redevelopment plan calls for a mix of housing, a range of income levels with sustainable and innovative design features. DHA seeks to create an energized transit community where people choose to live to experience environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, proximity to downtown, and a spectrum of housing options in the Mariposa Project. The project will seek LEED NC Gold status and Net Zero construction. The Mariposa redevelopment will integrate planning, design, and operations to promote economic, environmental, and social vitality.


For more detailed information, please take a look at this presentation:

Mariposa Redevelopment Project

ENVD Diverse Scholars Members can become involved in 3 Tiers:


Tier 1: Encounter

 Students agree to attend a minimum of four Mariposa events and/or meetings throughout the year


Tier 2: Journey

 Students agree to attend Mariposa meetings on a monthly basis may include: community meetings, LEED planning process meetings, design charrettes, site visits with the design team and/or arts collaborative events.


Tier 3: Internship

 In the Spring semester, the academic internships will be offered by application for two students to receive 3 credits for biweekly work with the design team. This may involve building models for the project, analysis of LEED credits, and assistance with architectural drawings.