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John Lanterman and students

About the ENVD Internship Program

The ENVD Internship Program provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience and develop skills needed to succeed in the workplace after graduation. 

The ENVD Internship Program strives to connect appropriate internship providers with qualified students.  We meet with existing and potential internship providers to advocate for placement of our students, expand the reach of internship opportunities, and gain insights into specific skill-sets the intern providers seek.  We also meet with students to understand their interests and skills to insure their internship experience is productive and meaningful.

 Top 10 Reasons ENVD students participate in the ENVD Internship Program

  1.  Gain perspective and experience in the multifaceted fields ofdesign.
  2. Experience today’s professional workplace.
  3. Apply this new-found understanding in the classroom.
  4. Learn and understand the organizational culture of a professional setting.
  5. Be competitive when looking for employment.
  6. Buildconfidence as you validate that you are pursuing your best career.
  7. Expand your networking opportunities.
  8. Meet potential employers in your chosen discipline.
  9. Earn ENVD elective credit.
  10. Get paid.

A wide range of internships exist, ranging from working in a professional design office that may include architecture, landscape architecture and planning, to public sector planning agencies and non-profits, industrial design firms, and companies such as Google and Anthropologie. Community engagement and professional practice are two of the key areas of interest for students, and their internships give them real-world experience. 

Finding an Internship

The ENVD Internship Program has collaborated with the University of Colorado Career Services to provide a dedicated ENVD Internship Program website. ENVD faculty continually meet with internship providers to expand opportunities to match student’s needs and interests. 

Find your own Internship:

Students are encouraged to look and pursue for their own individual internships in addition to the opportunities available on the website. It is suggested that you talk with faculty and your academic advisor to discuss your interests and where you might look. 

Internships for Environmental Design Credit

Internships for 1-3 credits are only available to upper-class students with a CU GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Internships are available on a pass/fail grading basis. 

An internship for credit may be a paid or an unpaid position depending on arrangements made with the student and internship provider. The hours you spend and any compensation you will receive are discussed directly between you and the internship provider.

A typical three (3) credit internship is equivalent to 12 physical hours of work/week within a 15 week semester. 

Students must have prior approval of the internship for credit prior to the start of the internship and will need to be enrolled in this course for credit.  Students will need to pay tuition for credit hours. Please meet with Lindsay Schumacher to discuss options.

Earning Credit for Praxis:

For Praxis internship the student will be enrolled in a 6-credit internship that will require on average 24 hours per week of engagement.  This is a significant amount of time and the potential intern should be clear with the internship provider and the Head of the ENVD Internship Program regarding this approach.  The internship should not be more than half time at the firm or agency as the student has other commitments including other courses that require significant amounts of time. Please meet with Lindsay Schumacher to discuss options.


Getting Started with Internships

To learn more about the internship program or discuss available internship opportunities, please contact John Lanterman. 

Students, before meeting with John Lanterman, please prepare:

  • Resume
  • At least three 3 representative work examples

Advertising an Internship:

Internship providers will need to register on the ENVD website and are able to advertise internships and learn more at:

Architecture Internship

Contact Information:

Faculty Contact:

John Lanterman, Head of the Internship Program


Staff Contact:

Nathan Jones Undergraduate Academic Advising Coordinator