Portfolio - Student Work

Praxis Courses

ENVD 3300:  Agrarian Urbanism

ENVD 3300:  Ecological Urbanism Superstudio

ENVD 3300:  Lama Foundation

ENVD 4340:  Burke Park Design Build

ENVD 4365:  Green Technology

Spring 2016

ENVD 4300 - Architecture Studio II

Elizabeth Peacock

faculty. Neal Evers

Becky Borowiecki

faculty. Neal Evers

John Coats

faculty. Neal Evers

Thomas Foy

faculty. Neal Evers

ENVD 4300 "Land Art Generator Institute" Competition Entries

Rebecca Borowiecki

faculty. Neal Evers

Melissa Chumbley

faculty. Neal Evers

Thomas Foy & Jared Bravo

faculty. Neal Evers

ENVD 4122 - Digital Photo for Designers

Desert Winds: Canyonlands Time-Lapse

faculty. Stephen Cardinale 

ENVD 1104 - Design and Communication 2

Alexandra Chrostowski

faculty. Meredith Banasiak

Nicole Lloyd

faculty. Meredith Banasiak

ENVD 1052 - Design & Communication I


faculty. Shawhin Roudbari   student. Cady Gebhart

Fall 2015

ENVD 3100 - Environmental Design Studio 3

Access Arapahoe

faculty. Stacey Schulte   student. Adrienne Gullia


faculty. Stacey Schulte   student. Kenzie Tillitt

Breaking Bounaries & Crossing Corridors

faculty. John Lanterman   students. Kyra Traxler, Logan Kimbrel, Natalie Madden & Oliver Vowel

Streamlining Arapahoe Avenue

faculty. Stacey Schulte   student. Patrick Paden

ENVD 1052 - Design & Communication I

1052 Gallery

faculty. Justin Bellucci

Andre Joffe 1052 Portfolio

faculty. Shawhin Roudbari student. Andre Joffe

ENVD 2120 - Environmental Design Studio I - Abstractions

Alec Oswald

faculty. Jade Polizzi 

Anthony Ortez-Sandoval

faculty. Jade Polizzi

Hunter Haine

faculty. Jade Polizzi

Jacob Archambault

faculty. Jade Polizzi

Richard Karsten

faculty. Jade Polizzi

ENVD 2120 - Environmental Desgin Studio I - Final Projects

Billy France

faculty. Jade Polizzi

Claire Strauss

faculty. Jade Polizzi

Dixon Stein

faculty. Jade Polizzi

Julia Stauffer

faculty. Jade Polizzi

Rohs Heck

faculty. Jade Polizzi

ARCH 4010 -  Senior Design Final

Alexandra Chrostowski Final Project

faculty. Shawhin Roudbari student. Alexandra Chrostowski

Spring 2015

ENVD 4420 - Senior Planning Capstone

Spacial GIS Index Modeling of Transit Accessibility, Need and Equity in Boulder, CO

faculty. Victoria Derr student. Jacob Accola

Senior Planning Capstone

faculty. Victoria Derr student. Lee Ann Ryan

An Analysis of Transit and Housing Equity in Sun Valley

faculty. Victoria Derr student. Oscar Saucedo

Elderly Friendly Design for the Frasier Meadows Retirement Community and Burk Park Area

faculty. Victoria Derr student. Emily Tarantini

ENVD 2130 - Environmental Design Studio 2

Rendezvous Quadrangle

faculty. Stacey Schulte student. Eric Dell'Orco


faculty. Stacey Schulte student. Kyra Traxler

Fall 2014

ENVD  4340 - Landscape Design Studio

Taylor Yard

faculty. Kathy Kambic student. Willie Alderman


faculty. Kathy Kambic student. Jonathon Hernandez

Bike The Valley

faculty. Kathy Kambic student. Drew Holler

The Hyperduct

faculty. Katy Kambic student. Bodie Hultin

The Greenhouse Effect

faculty. Kathy Kambic student. Shannon Votaw

ENVD 3152 - Intro to Modeling with Rhino


faculty. Jeremy Ehly students. Shane Inman, Lena Scrivanich, Rich Drummond

Tusken Raider Outposts

faculty. Jeremy Ehly students. Jacqui Painter, Sam Landon, Spencer Kalata

Tiniest Room

faculty. Jeremy Ehly student. Jacqui Painter


faculty. Jeremy Ehly student. Josh Perrin

ENVD 3100 - Environmental Design Studio 3

Impetus for Walkability

faculty. John Lanterman students. Benjamin Bell, Brandon Heald, Christian Banal

Gearing Up Iris

faculty. Stacey Schulte students. Erin Anderson, Mackenzie Naylor

ENVD 2120 - Environmental Design Studio 1

Bee Hive Education and Research Center

faculty. Jade Polizzi student. Holly Meredith Bossung

The Hive

faculty. Jade Polizzi student. Dave Waite

ENVD 1052 - Design and Communication 1

Boulder Creek

faculty. Merideth Banasiak student. Natalie Waddell

Site Analysis Valise

faculty. Michael Tavel student. Richard Karsten

Site Analysis Valise

faculty. Michael Tavel student. Stefan Kowynia

Site Analysis Valise

faculty. Michael Tavel student. Arturo Mata-Martiniez

Summer 2014 Study Abroad

La Paz, Mexico

Spring 2014

Studio 4

A New School of Architecture and Performative Design

faculty. Marcus Farr students. Graham Bowman, Ryan Helle

Boulder Innovation HQ

faculty. Marcel DeLange students. Omar Lopez, David Gruenefeldt

Boulder Innovation HQ

faculty. Marcel DeLange student. Milo James Stark

Boulder Innovation HQ

faculty. Marcel DeLange students. Charles Newmyer, Jeffrey Johnston

Boulder Innovation HQ

faculty. Marcel DeLange student. Melissa Brady Greenwood


faculty. Marcus Farr student. Taylor Gray Hawley

Digital Fabrication

Hanging Lamps

faculty. Marcel DeLange students. DigiFab Spring 2014

Independent Study

Land Art Generator Initiative

Pixelated Wind

faculty. Marcus Farr students. Ryan Helle, Delaney Rockwell

Fall 2013

Undergraduate Projects

Studio 4

IFC Headquarters

faculty. Kathy Kambic student. Thomas Harris


faculty. Jade Polizzi student. Adam Meis


faculty. Jade Polizzi student. Erin Hauer


faculty. Jade Polizzi student. Lauren Patnoe

Boulder Farmers Market

faculty. Marcel deLange students. Stephen Anderson, Ryan Ornberg

New School of Architecture

faculty. Marcus Farr students. Charles Newmyer, Jeffrey Johnston

New School of Architecture

faculty. Marcus Farr students. Daniel Nordson, Alex Chavez

Rhino 3D Modeling

Project A01

faculty. Marcel deLange students. Jean Paul Cornejo

DigiFab + Entrepreneurship


faculty. Marcus Farr. student. Michelle Harrison

Assembly 36

faculty. Marcus Farr student. Shane Inman

ESE Woods

faculty. Marcus Farr student. Alfonso Gonzalez


faculty. Marcus Farr student. Delaney Rockwell


faculty. Marcus Farr student. Ryan Helle

2012 - 2013

Studio 4

Boulder Culinary Institute

faculty. Marcel deLange students. Chris Mulford, Molly Goodman

Boulder Green House

faculty. Marcel deLange students. Michelle Han, Dom Kletter

Summer 2011 Design Build

faculty. Marcel deLange  students. Summer 2011 Design/Build Studio

The Field House

faculty. Julee Herdt  student. Matthew Doeller

Home for Dinner

faculty. Julee Herdt  student. Garrett Akol

Sup and Digs

faculty. Julee Herdt  student. Matthew Greenwald

Architecture of Arcadia

faculty. Julee Herdt   student. Karina White


faculty. Julee Herdt  student. Nick Amirault


faculty. Marcus Farr  student. Colin Ostman

Epic Art

faculty. Marcus Farr  student. Leslie Scheppelman

Walnut Plaza

faculty. Michael Tavel  student. Alison Bowers

Center for Sustainable Practice

faculty. Michael Tavel  student. Kellen Robinson

Fabrication & Digital Fabrication


faculty. Marcel deLange  student. Charles Daniel Kennedy

Interconnected Mobius

faculty. Marcel deLange  student. Natalie Von Turkovich

Hanging Fabrication

faculty. Marcel deLange  student. Rachel Lauren Prenger


faculty. Marcus Farr  students. Dominique Kletter, Colin Ostman, Justin Hazelwood

Rendering & Animation

Rendering & Animation Spring 2012

faculty. Jeremy Ehly  students. Spring 2012 Class

Studio 2

Rethinking Sawhill Ponds

faculty. Marcus Farr  student. Delaney Rockwell