Program in Environmental Design

University of Colorado Boulder

Course Sequence

Required Courses and Semester Credit Hours

First Year: Core Classes 

Fall Semester

  • ENVD 1004 Introduction to Environmental Design Theory—3
  • ENVD 1052 Design and Communication 1—3
  • ENVD 2001 Human Behavior in Design and Planning—3
  • Writing requirement—3
  • Humanities (see list of options)—3

Spring Semester

  • ENVD 1102 Design and Communication 2—3
  • ENVD 1104 Introduction to Environmental Design Methods—3
  • ENVD 2003 Ecology and Design—3
  • Social science (see list of options)—3
  • Math requirement (see list of options) (Note 2 below)—3-5

Second Year: Core Classes 

Fall Semester

  • ENVD 2120 Environmental Design Studio 1—6
  • ENVD 3114 History and Theory of ENVD: Buildings—3
  • ENVD 3115 Introduction to Building Materials and Systems—3
  • Natural science requirement (see list of options) (Note 1 below)—3-5

Spring Semester

  • ENVD 2130 Environmental Design Studio 2—6
  • ENVD 3003 Site Planning—3
  • ENVD 3134 History and Theory of ENVD: Precincts—3
  • Non-ENVD elective (Note 3 below)—3

Third Year: Core Classes

Fall Semester

  • ENVD 3100 Environmental Design Studio 3—6
  • ENVD 3122 Research Issues and Methods in Planning and Design—3 
  • ENVD 3144 History and Theory of ENVD: Systems—3 
  • Non-ENVD elective—3

Spring Semester

  • ENVD 3300 Selected ENVD Design Studio or Practicum or study abroad—6
  • ENVD 3300 ENVD Seminar, approved certificate courses, study abroad, or design studies—3
  • ENVD electives—3
  • Non-ENVD elective—3

Course Notes

1.  These are linked core courses that are corequisites and are designed to be taken together.

2.   Students intending to enroll in the architecture major are strongly encouraged to take a physics class.

3.   Students intending to enroll in the architecture major are strongly encouraged to take a pre-calculus math class.

4.   Students intending to enroll in the architecture major are strongly encouraged to take a total of 45 credits of general study.

Fourth Year: Architecture Major

Architecture emphasis students develop design solutions encompassing conventional design-build, digital fabrication, cultural, urban and global context, areas of structures, construction, and environmental systems, and how they are integrated into built structures.

Fall Semester          

  • ENVD 4100 Architecture Studio 1—6
  • ENVD elective or AREN 3050 Environmental Systems for Buildings 1—3
  • ENVD elective or AREN 4035 Architectural Structures 1—3
  • Elective—3

Spring Semester

  • ENVD 4300 Architecture Studio 2—6
  • ENVD elective or AREN 3060 Environmental Systems for Buildings 2—3
  • ENVD elective or AREN 4045 Architectural Structures 23
  • Elective—3

Fourth Year: Planning Major

Planning major students will focus on problems of sustainability in urban environments and the integration of urban design with other planning practices to address sustainability issues.

Fall Semester        

  • ENVD 4100 Advanced Planning Seminar—3
  • ENVD 4023  Environmental Impact Assessment—3
  • ENVD 3152 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)—3
  • ENVD 4363 Transformation and Liveable Communities—3
  • Non-ENVD elective—3

Spring Semester

  • ENVD 4420 Planning Capstone—3
  • ENVD 4794 Planning/Urban History—3
  • ENVD 4311 Housing Policies and Planning—3
  • ENVD elective—3
  • Non-ENVD elective—3

Fourth Year: Landscape Major

Landscape major students develop design solutions in all scales that work in concert with natural systems and reflect both the art and science of design.

Fall Semester

  • ENVD 4340 Landscape Architecture Studio 1—6
  • ENVD 4100 Landscape Architectural Theory—3
  • ENVD 4100 Landform Manipulations—3
  • Elective—3

Spring Semester

  • ENVD 4440 Landscape Architecture Studio 2—6
  • ENVD 4100 Materials and Methods—3
  • ENVD4100 Plants and Design—3
  • Elective—3

Fourth Year: Design Studies Major

The design studies major provides students the opportunity to build interdisciplinary, flexible, and specialized courses of study. Faculty advisor and academic advisor must approve courses.

Fall Semester

  • ENVD 4100 Design Thinking Seminar—3
  • ENVD elective—6-9
  • Elective—3-6

Spring Semester

  • ENVD 4420 Design Studies Capstone—3
  • ENVD elective—6-9
  • Elective—3-6