Agrarian Urbanism

Instructor:  John Lanterman

This Praxis studio focuses on working with the Westwood neighborhood in Denver to develop a thorough and systematic approach to urban agriculture ranging from small home gardens to larger scale community gardens. Westwood has been defined as a food desert by the city of Denver. The Praxis emphasis is on food systems, urban agriculture, and developing sustainable approaches for the area and is partnering with ReVision International, a non-profit that has been active there since 2009.  The studio is highlighting interdisciplinary study by partnering with Bernard Amadei in Environmental Engineering, along with the School of Education and Leeds School of Business.  ENVD students are developing responses ranging from design of community gardens and a farmers market on Morrison road to developing neighborhood wide pedestrian systems to connect community gardens, farmers market and a food hub within the neighborhood.



UBUNTU Community Farm / The Barn

faculty. John Lanterman student. Henry Brigham

Westwood Neighborhood Connections

faculty. John Lanterman student. Isaac Sawatzky

Westwood Aquaponics

faculty. John Lanterman student. Hayden Schmucker