Program in Environmental Design

University of Colorado Boulder

Brian Cook

Office: 1B05


Brian Cook’s research and interests relate to the site-specific nature of landscape.  Culturally, his work elucidates the localized understandings of environment and place. In practice, however, his projects are opportunistic, finding potential in the unique histories and contexts of a site, as well as the ecological aspects that present themselves in each place.  His research often examines localized occurrences, sharing an appreciation for them while also trying to integrate them into future potentials for design. His understandings are shared through various media.  This includes physical projects but also other means of exchange and interaction.


Masters of Landscape Architecture, University of Colorado Denver
Honors: Award of Excellence
Jane Silverstein Ries Foundation Award
Thesis, Reclamation and Imagination: Changing a Cultural Perspective

Courses Taught

  • ENVD 4340:  Textures and Technique studio
  • ENVD 3300:  Universal Space: Design/Build Project at Burke Park ENVD 3300:  Exterior Materials and Assemblies
  • ENVD 3300:  Design Efficiencies
  • ENVD 3100:  Fundamentals of Architecture
  • ENVD 3003: Site Planning
  • ENVD 2130: The Landscape Infrastructure Studio
  • ENVD 2120: The Landscape Planning Studio
  • ENVD 1052: Introduction to Design Principles
  • ENVD 3152: Introduction to Rhino 3d