Picture of Nigel Sharp

Nigel Sharp brings a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit to CU Boulder. He is a British-Armenian entrepreneur and technologist, who started his entrepreneurial journey early with his first computer at age five, learning to code at age 10. By the time he turned 16 he had started a metal welding company, traded industrial and electronic hardware, and competed in the Irish Young Entrepreneur national final with his invention of the Computer Mouse cleaner, which hit the shelves of local shops and paid for Nigel’s future studies. Continuing a chain of such projects has been the story thread of his life. Nigel built and programmed his first website at 16 and robot at 18 all while endeavoring into pig farming in his spare time.

From his studies he chose to volunteer and then live and work in Armenia after being promoted to the demanding role of IT Project and Technical Systems Manager at the $70 million Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, seeing the center's staff grow from 10 to over 180. He proactively supervised and built a team to install and maintain the IT infrastructure for more than two years before and after the Center’s multi-million dollar launch.

Nigel was a co-founder and, until recently, CEO of international technology start-up Lionsharp, which produces Voiceboard, the world's first gesture and voice-controlled presentation tool.  The company operations have been in Armenia, Bulgaria and the USA. For Lionsharp, Nigel led the fundraising efforts and took the company through three rounds of funding through the Eleven Accelerator in Bulgaria to both venture capital and angel investors from the USA.

As part of his role at Lionsharp he had the privilege of presenting and building connections at Techcrunch Disrupt, The Next Web NYC, Financial Times Innovate, CES 2015, TEDx Yerevan, Garage48, WIRED 2014, UnBound Digital & various other venture and investment forums. 

Nigel attended King’s College London where he earned a BEng in mechanical engineering and Masters in both digital technology and engineering. He continuously won awards for innovation and product design throughout his time in school.

Now at CU Boulder, he maintains the board chairman position at Lionsharp. In his GEIR position he is exploring new entrepreneurial opportunities. His mix of technical background and business prowess makes him an excellent go-to person for discussions around software and hardware product design / development along with team building and culture forming, as well as early stage fundraising and pitch preparation. He is best approached with offers of "meet for tea?" as opposed to coffee.