Global Entrepreneurs in Residence

The Global Entrepreneurs in Residence (GEIR) Program brings international entrepreneurial talent to the CU Boulder campus and community.  GEIRs work across the CU Boulder campus mentoring students in a wide array of projects requiring an entrepreneurial mindset.  GEIRs guest lecture in classrooms, advise on entrepreneurial research, and provide mentorship to CU community members developing their own startups.

Current GEIRS:

GEIR Menu of Services (Click Here)

This "Menu" is available to help the campus and community more effectively connect with each of the GEIRs.  The menu lists the areas of expertise and competencies of each GEIR so that any interested party can choose which GEIR to approach.  The GEIRs also have office hours being held throughout the semester around campus - but its worth checking out the menu first, so you know who to connect with.

Future GEIRs:

The application window for the next cohort of GEIRs is closed.  Please contact for further information.