world hands
ENGL 4018-001: Approaches to Post-1900 Literature: Global Indigeneity
In this course, we explore the impact of colonialism, modernity, and globalization on indigenous communities around the world. Employing a broad comparative framework, and drawing on a range of historical, anthropological, literary, cultural, and theoretical sources, we seek to uncover continuities and disjunctures between the experiences of such communities as they are subjected to various forms of violence.Read more »
blue hole
ENGL 4039-001: Critical Thinking in English Studies: Postmodern Ecofictions and the Reinvention of Nature
Beginning with the book most instrumental in launching the contemporary environmental movement, Rachel Carson’s 1962 Silent Spring, this course will turn to postmodern American ecofictions: fictions that rework the category of “nature” outside of a realist narrative framework but still take their bearings from notions of environmental degradation and sustainability.Read more »
Knight's Tale
ENGL 4039-002: Critical Thinking in English Studies: The Romance
Why do so many people like to read romances? There can be no doubt that romances are popular, as any glance at bookstores or even supermarkets reveals. In fact, romances have been popular since men and women in 12th century France and England first began to write them.Read more »
Mary Shelley
ENGL 4524-001: Advanced Topics in Romanticism: Mary Shelley
In this course, we will read the novels and travel literature of Mary Shelley (Frankenstein, Valperga, The Last Man). In order to place her in the context of her era (19th-Century British Romanticism, we will also read work by her contemporaries and her family: Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, Percy Shelley, and Byron. Themes: Nature, the Gothic, IdentityRead more »
ENGL 4655-001: Studies in American Lit to 1900: American Mythic Quests
This course will explore works of literature that take their readers on a parallel quest both through time and space for that lost America of love, that visionary ideal of harmony with nature, of democratic community, of psychic wholeness. This vision structures our hopes and fantasies and has persisted on the horizon of our collective imagination despite centuries of brutal betrayal.Read more »
world literature
ENGL 5299-001: Studies in Fiction: Talk Yuh Talk - Speech and Community in Contemporary World Literature
This world literature seminar will focus on the politics of language, and the ways in which voice and linguistic concerns inform narrative and community.Read more »
ENGL 5549-001: Virginia Woolf's Things
This course will put the work of Virginia Woolf into conversation with selected contemporary thing theory. Readers have traditionally prioritized the human characters in literature, finding in those figures a correlative for our own experience of the world.Read more »
books and hands
IAWP 6100: Theory & Practice of Doing
This course may be taken by English graduate students. Our course begins with a classic text, C.P. Snow’s The Two Cultures from 1959, to make clear the longstanding, perceived gulf between the sciences and the humanities and the resulting anxiety the humanities have had about how to advocate for their worth. Jump ahead fifty years and suddenly we’re in the midst of he digital humanities as well as various other media studies practices that have made their home in the humanities...Read more »

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