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We provide support for proposal cost-sharing, travel to funding agencies, and interdisciplinary seminars. For information, view the Faculty Excellence Program - Financial Support overview.

Faculty may submit a half-page proposal for travel funding at any time. Priorities will include trips to explore major funding or center opportunities or with one or multiple visits per trip.

When requesting travel support to Funding Agencies from the Associate Dean for Research, please include a half-page proposal that includes:

  • Dates of intended travel
  • Names of traveler(s)
  • Agency or agencies (with names of individuals you are meeting with)
  • Location(s) that you will visit
  • Short paragraph describing purpose of trip and expected outcome
  • Amount requested (breakdown including airfare, hotel, meals, and transportation)

The ADR Office will approve these requests based upon proposal. Note: The ADR Office may provide a 1:1 cost share, but will decide on an amount based upon the available budget and expense of trip.

Post-trip, please provide a short report recapping your meeting(s) and discussion(s). We will post summaries of major findings of interest to other faculty on the CEAS Research Opportunities website.

Proposals should be submitted to Linda Rose and they will be reviewed by the Associate Dean. A 1:1 cost share by the home department or unit is expected.

Important Announcements

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