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Global Engineering RAP Opens

New program in Kitt Central

Student-Built Satellite Approaches Launch

DANDE gets ready for liftoff

Global Engineering RAP Opens

Fifty-three CU-Boulder engineering students will be immersed in Spanish and global development as residents of Kittredge Central, the campus's newest residence hall.

The students make up the first cohort in the new Global Engineering Residential Academic Program, headed by Associate Dean for Education Diane Sieber. The Global Engineering RAP is designed for students with interest in worldwide engineering systems, foreign languages, international collaborative design, and international development.

"The curriculum prepares students to study or work abroad and to volunteer for international and domestic aid projects," says Sieber. "It also prepares them for sophisticated leveraging of emerging international communication and collaboration tools such as teleconferencing and document- and image-sharing via social network platforms."

The RAP links to a new undergraduate global engineering certificate, managed by the Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities, which also can be earned outside of the RAP. Recognizing the growing need for engineers to be competent in developing systemic solutions with global impact, the certificate is designed to expand students' understanding of how to operate in an international context and to work effectively as members of international teams.

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CU-CMU Partnership Receives Accreditation

The University of Colorado-Colorado Mesa University Partnership Program has been accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

The program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from CU-Boulder by taking classes delivered at CMU. The program offers the first-ever baccalaureate engineering degree on Colorado's Western Slope.

The program was launched in 2008 and awarded degrees to its first graduates in May 2012. ABET, the accrediting agency for engineering, requires graduates from a program before it can apply for accreditation. The awarding of ABET accreditation now is retroactive to include the degrees granted to the 2012 and 2013 graduating classes.

Twenty-two students have graduated from the partnership program in the last two years, and most of them found positions in the engineering field immediately upon graduation, according to Program Director Timothy Brower.

"We started the partnership five years ago with the support of President Tim Foster of CMU and then-President Hank Brown of CU, and we are delighted that it has achieved great success in not only graduating outstanding students but also now receiving full accreditation at its first opportunity," said Dean Rob Davis.

Student-Built Satellite Approaches Launch

A student-built small satellite called the Drag and Atmospheric Neutral Density Explorer (DANDE) is scheduled for launch Sept. 15 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. DANDE is a low-cost density, wind, and composition-measuring satellite that will provide data for the calibration and validation of operational models and improve our understanding of the thermosphere.

"The DANDE project represents the efforts of over 150 interdisciplinary students who will have launched their student led and built satellite to space," says Brian Sanders, deputy director of the Colorado Space Grant Consortium. "Now a group of students will have the chance to operate the satellite from CU-Boulder. This is a unique experience that few students can claim when starting their careers after graduation."

The spacecraft was designed and built at the Colorado Space Grant Consortium in collaboration with CU's Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Air Force Space Command - Space Analysis/A9A, and research faculty at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The effort was sponsored by the University Nanosat Program at the Air Force Research Laboratories.

"To see the expertise passed down by students through the seven-year lifetime of DANDE is awesome," says aerospace engineering sophomore Brenden Hogan, DANDE project manager co-leader. "I think the undergraduate experience available designing and building of satellites and instruments ... is one of the things that makes CU-Boulder a great university."

Honors & Awards: September 2013

Congratulations to the following individuals on their outstanding achievements:


The 2013 Dean's Faculty Performance Awards were awarded to Kurt Maute of aerospace engineering sciences (for teaching); Rich Noble of chemical and biological engineering (for research), Nikolaus Correll of computer science (for professional progress), and Daven Henze of mechanical engineering (for junior faculty).

Steve George of mechanical engineering was given the ALD Innovation Award for 2013 at the International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition in July in recognition of his original work and leadership in atomic layer deposition.


Jessica Wright, Ann Scott, Melinda Seevers, and Noel Brendefur of the BioFrontiers, Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) Development Team received recognition in the Million Dollar Club for FY13, awarded to CU development staff members who raised $1 million or more in the last fiscal year.


Chelsea Welch and Christopher Nie of aerospace engineering sciences were awarded scholarships from the Iridium NEXT Mission Team Scholarship program.

New Faculty and Staff: September 2013

Welcome to the new faculty and staff who are joining the college:


  • John Evans, Assistant Professor, AES
  • James Nabity, Associate Professor, AES
  • Jeffrey Parker, Assistant Professor, AES
  • Tom Belval, Senior Instructor, ChBE
  • Mark Kastantin, Assistant Research Professor, ChBE
  • Rhonda Hoenigman, Instructor, CS
  • Joseph Kasprzyk, Assistant Professor, CEAE
  • Zhiyong (Jason) Ren, Associate Professor, CEAE
  • Petros Sideris, Assistant Professor, CEAE
  • Sean Shaheen, Associate Professor, ECEE
  • Daniel Moorer Jr., Scholar in Residence, EMP
  • Marcelo Berquist, Senior Instructor, ME
  • Greg Rieker, Assistant Professor, ME
  • Julie Steinbrenner, Instructor, ME
  • Xiaobo Yin, Assistant Professor, ME/MSE


  • Christine Ralston, Office Administrator, ECEE
  • Tim Faiella, Social Science Program Manager, NCWIT
  • Audrey Fisher, Center Administrator, C2B2
  • Erika Guzman, Finance and HR Coordinator, Dean's Office
  • Lindsay Reeves, Development Assistant
  • Ashly Overturf, Assistant Director of Development for Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Maura Ridge, Director of Development

Important Announcements

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