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Research Metrics - Summer 2011

Strength in a competitive environment

Distinctive Facilities: Comprehensive Antenna Testing Chamber

Professor Dejan Filipovic and students

Technology Transfer News - Summer 2011

Optimizing energy control systems

New Projects - Summer 2011

Richard Regueiro, Ron Pak, John McCartney, and Stein Sture (CEAE), along with Oleg Vasilyev ( MCEN) received a five-year $7.2M ONR Multidisciplinary University Initiative (MURI) award for research on "An Integrated Experimental and Computational Multiscale Immersed Particle-Continuum Lagrangian-Eulerian Approach to Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Soil Failure Mechanics Under Buried Explosive Loading."

Steven George (CHBE) received a two-year, $424K award from General Motors to study "Continuous and Ultrathin Pt Atomic Layer Deposition on Particles for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells."

Christopher Bowman (CHBE) recently won a two-year $412K grant from NIH-NIBIB for "Collaboration in the Development of Novel Polymerization Enhanced Immunofluoresce."

Robert Leben (ASEN) received a three-year $438K award from NASA Goddard for his research on "Reconstructed Sea Level Time Series for Climate Monitoring."

John Pellegrino (MCEN), Robert Davis (CHBE), Ryan Gill (CHBE) and Will Medlin (CHBE) will be teaming to conduct research on an extractive photobioreactor for Conoco Phillips on a three-year $525K project.

Daniel Scheeres (ASEN) is the radio science team leader on the Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-Rex). Led by the University of Arizona, OSIRIS-Rex is slated to approach, map, and collect samples from a primitive asteroid for return to Earth. This project is expected to bring more than $3M in research funding to CU-Boulder over the mission lifetime.

Rafael Piestun (ECEE) has a new $358K NSF grant on "Development and Dissemination of a Flexible Multifunctional Widefield 3D Superresolution Microscopy for Quantitative Biological Research."

Jim Voss (ASEN) and David Klaus (ASEN) will continue to lead a CU research team on a collaborative project with Sierra Nevada Corporation for the development of the Dream Chaser. Dream Chaser is a potential commercial spacecraft that will be used to carry astronauts to low Earth orbit. The work is funded by a new $80M grant from NASA to Sierra Nevada Corp.

Research Metrics - Summer 2011

New research awards continue to be strong in spite of an increasingly competitive environment. Thank you to the faculty, staff, and graduate students for your hard work and exceptional performance!

Research Awards
in Millions for the Fiscal Periods July-March

Research Proposals Submitted
for the Fiscal Periods July-March

For a complete list of awards and proposals, see the OCG Monthly Report.

Research Center Spotlight: C2B2

The Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels (C2B2) is a cooperative research and educational center devoted to the conversion of biomass to fuels and other products. C2B2 endeavors to improve fundamental understanding and develop new technologies in areas relevant to the future commercialization of integrated, sustainable biorefining and biofuels processes.

Faculty, staff and students work to establish ground-breaking research and educational programs for the advancement of renewable energy technologies and aim to accelerate the rapid introduction of these innovations into the marketplace. C2B2 offers unsurpassed research and educational opportunities for students, researchers and industry.

C2B2 private members identify shared research areas and then select projects for funding. The state of Colorado has provided funds to the collaboratory to match the investments of private members in initial shared research programs.

In addition to CU-Boulder, C2B2 partners include the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Colorado School of Mines, and Colorado State University.

Distinctive Facilities: Comprehensive Antenna Testing Chamber

Dejan (Filip) Filipovic (ECEE) and his students have developed a Comprehensive Antenna Testing Chamber which enables 1 GHz to 110 GHz amplitude and phase near-field and far-field characterization of antennas, arrays, multi-antenna platforms, metamaterials, lenses, DF systems, and electromagnetic composites. S-parameters, array diagnostics including the holographic measurements, are also possible. The chamber is set up in the spherical near-field mode for up to 50 GHz and far-field mode up to 110 GHz. Measurement control, data collection, and processing are software enabled. This facility is funded by the Department of Defense DURIP program and University of Colorado Boulder and is open for university, company and government use.

Technology Transfer News - Summer 2011

Gregor Henze (CEAE) has developed a software tool to optimize energy control systems and electric grid integration in large commercial buildings which has been licensed to Clean Urban Energy.
>> Read news release

Soligenix, Inc., a late-stage biopharmaceutical company, licensed novel technology developed by Ted Randolph (CHBE), Amber Clausi, and John Carpenter (UCD-HSC) for use in the development of subunit vaccines with long-term stability, including stability at elevated temperatures.
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A novel technique developed by Robert McLeod (ECEE), Tim Scott (CHBE), and Chris Bowman (CHBE) to shrink the size of circuitry used in nanotechnology devices like computer chips and solar cells by zapping a substrate with two separate colors of light beams has been optioned to Heidelberg Instruments headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany.
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The CU Technology Transfer Office (TTO) pursues, protects, packages, and licenses to business the intellectual property generated from CEAS researchers. TTO provides assistance to faculty, staff, and students, as well as to businesses looking to license or invest in CU technology. For information about TTO, contact Kate Tallman (ext. 2-5732 or or Marty or Jeff in the ADR's office.

How Can We Help?

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research assists college faculty and departments in all research-related activities. We also provide support for proposal cost-sharing, travel to funding agencies, and interdisciplinary seminars.

Information on current funding opportunities as well as myriad information about funding agencies, proposal preparation, etc. can be found at, the password-protected research web site for CEAS faculty. (Contact Jeff Sczechowski for access if you cannot find the login information that was emailed to you).   We are continually updating and improving this web site so please let us know if you have suggestions.

Recently we hosted a series of workshops to help faculty and graduate students prepare competitive graduate fellowship proposals.  Information from those workshops as well as a list of fellowship opportunities can be found at We encourage you to visit this list and help your students pursue fellowship opportunities.  We are continually updating the fellowship list so please help us identify ones that we are missing.

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