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Alumnus to Make His Third NASA Flight in March

Steve Swanson returns to the ISS

Students Partner to Create Entrepreneurial Space on The Hill

Spark Boulder opens for business

Microbes in Your Gut May Reveal Clues About Autism

Groundbreaking study suggests connections

Spring 2014

Microbes in Your Gut May Reveal Clues About Autism

A new study showing that feeding mice a beneficial type of bacteria can reduce autism-like symptoms is “groundbreaking,” according to University of Colorado Boulder Professor Rob Knight, who co-authored a commentary piece about the research.

The autism study strengthens the recent scientific understanding that the microbes that live in your gut may affect what goes on in your brain. It is also the first to show that a specific probiotic may be capable of reversing autism-like behaviors in mice.

The study underscores the importance of the work being undertaken by the newly formed Autism Microbiome Consortium, which taps experts like Knight in a range of disciplines to investigate the autism-gut microbiome link.

> Learn more about this research and how to sign up for the American Gut Project, a crowdfunded research effort led by Knight

Students Partner to Create Entrepreneurial Space on The Hill

A group of University of Colorado Boulder students and alumni have created a co-working space on University Hill designed specifically to connect college students with the business community.

“We’re giving businesses a way to tap into the talent that’s on campus while also bringing more visibility and introducing students to the businesses that want to talk with them,” says Fletcher Richman, managing director of Spark Boulder and a senior in electrical and computer engineering.

Richman spoke at the College of Engineering and Applied Science faculty and staff meeting about this endeavor earlier this month. He launched the 5,400-square-foot collaborative space with Bill Shrum, a senior in environmental design, and Ben Buie, a spring 2013 graduate of CU-Boulder’s MBA program. Stephanie Bigelow, a CU-Boulder undergraduate in architecture, designed the space.

> Learn more

Alumnus to Make His Third NASA Flight in March

Steve Swanson (EngrPhys'83) will blast off for the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on March 25.

Swanson will serve as flight engineer for Expedition 39, which already will be underway on the ISS. In late May, Swanson, who considers Steamboat Springs, Colo., his hometown, will become space station commander as Mission 40 begins on the ISS.

The astronaut crew will be involved in dozens of research experiments in the low gravity of the ISS, including efforts related to protein crystal growth, capillary blood flow, gravity sensing by plants and muscle and bone loss changes in space. Swanson and the two cosmonauts will return to Earth in September. (Image at right courtesy ReelNASA.)

> Hear what CU-Boulder Scholar in Residence and former astronaut Jim Voss (AeroEngr'74) has to say about this latest mission

Spring 2014 Class Notes

Art Bissell (ElecEngr ’60) - at right, with guitar - is still active with his personal startup since 1979, an exclusively contracted statewide 12-company independent representative sales and application business. “I am very appreciative of my CU experience in general, but mostly for Harlan Palmer, Dept. Head E.E. who set up a special Electrical Field Mapping course so I could graduate early to accept a fine employment offer.”

Barbara McKrell (CivilEngr ’89) was hired as the new Public Works Director in Stonington.

John R Tuttle (PhD ElecEngr ’90) has joined the ARPA-E program at DOE after 11 years with NREL and 17 years as an entrepreneur to help awardees navigate their projects to a technical and market success.

Sears Merritt (ElecEngr ’04, MS Telecom ’10, PhD CompSci ’13) has joined the data analytics team to extract knowledge from consumer data sources at MassMutual. Mr. Merritt has nearly a decade of experience working with big data systems and modeling complex systems, most recently serving as a consulting data scientist and researcher at the University of Colorado.

Sean Langelier (ChemEngr & EnvEngr’05) was hired as Senior Process Engineer at the Melbourne Center for Nanofabrication, Jan 2012. He now manages a small group of engineers focused on the development and support of micro/nanotechnology research.

JVA Inc. hired Kristin Johansen (EnvEngr ’12) and Janet Cardenas (MS CivilEngr ’11) as design engineers in the Boulder office. JVA is a structural, civil, and environmental consulting engineering firm with offices in Boulder, Winter Park, and Fort Collins.

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