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Kristy Schloss

Civil Engineering

Like a lot of engineers, Kristy Schloss (CivEngr '86) was attracted to the field because she wanted to make a difference. That's also the reason she became an active volunteer in the college, where she mentors students and serves on the Engineering Advisory Council and other program and departmental advisory boards.

"I'm active at CU because I had strong support and encouragement when I went through engineering school, and I want to be able to give that to students who are there now," she says. "I also want to contribute to preparing students for industry to help them succeed after graduation."

Schloss is the president and chief executive officer of Schloss Engineered Equipment, an environmental equipment company in Aurora, Colorado. The firm does an active business both in the U.S. and abroad, helping to bring clean water and a better quality of life to people around the world. She also serves on several boards including the Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee by appointment of the Secretary of Commerce, and as director of the Denver Branch Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

A third-generation CU-Boulder engineering alumna, Schloss says she received her strongest encouragement from her father, Chuck Schloss (EngrPhys '52).

"To study engineering is to learn how to see a challenge from many different sides, to come up with many different solutions, and to be able to work through them, considering multiple factors, to find the optimal solution. That's a unique contribution that's extraordinarily valuable in any environment," she says.

"I appreciate the opportunity to highlight engineering as the exciting, vibrant profession that it is," she says about her work with the college. "And I'm very proud of the success of our students."

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