What is Engineering?

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Environmental engineering students take a water sample from Lefthand Creek

Fundamentally, engineering is about creating things for the benefit of society. Airplanes, buildings, bridges, telephones … where would the world be without these things?

Engineers have developed the world’s communication, transportation and building infrastructures, while also making it possible for people to live longer, healthier lives. Clean drinking water, safe food storage, and the protection of our environment are all in the domain of the engineer.

Some engineers create really big things, like skyscrapers and dams, while others focus on really small things. Through the advancement of technology, engineers are now developing complex miniaturized devices, so small they can be implanted in the human body to monitor and treat disease.

The computer revolution, including the introduction of MP3 players and the Internet, was made possible by engineers… Life-saving medical technologies, such as artificial organs and non-invasive surgery… The exploration of space, from landing on the moon to building an international space station…

What will be the next frontier? Ask an engineer—or better yet, become one, and help make the world a better place!

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