Past DEAA Recipients

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Previous DEAA award winners, listed alphabetically by year, can be found below. To view a list of past awardees sortable by year, discipline, and category, click here.

Name Year Discipline Award Category
Buzzard, Frank T. 2016 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
Hamilton, Paul T. 2016 Civil Engineering Industry and Commerce
Jah, Moriba K. 2016 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
McAtee, Michael R. 2016 Chemical Engineering Industry and Commerce
Smith, Douglas G. 2016 Civil Engineering Industry and Commerce
English, R. Cheryl 2015 Architectural Engineering Industry and Commerce
Mollenkopf, C. John 2015 Mechanical Engineering Industry and Commerce
Tobey, Kathryn 2015 Chemical Engineering Industry and Commerce
Zimbelman, F. Darell 2015 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
Becker, Jean 2014 Electrical Engineering Special
Goldstein, Col. David 2014 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
Martin, T. Scott 2014 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Zanetell, F. Dave 2014 Civil Engineering Government Service
Born, George 2013 Aerospace Engineering Special
Lund, John W. 2013 Civil Engineering Education, Research & Invention
Morreale, Herb 2013 Computer Science Industry & Commerce
Finnoff, Christopher Thorp 2012 Aerospace Engineering Industry & Commerce
Joesten, Nan E. 2012 Chemical Engineering Private Practice
Masterson, P. Michael 2012 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Poulikakos, Dimos 2012 Mechanical Engineering Research & Invention
Srivastava, Ashok Narain 2012 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Birkan, Mitat 2011 Mechanical Engineering Government Service
Hernandez, Dan 2011 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Stolarczyk, Larry 2011 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Zhang, Xiaodong 2011 Computer Science Education, Research & Invention
Al-Mady, Mohamed 2010 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Gallogly, James 2010 Chemical Engineering Special
Reinert, William 2010 Civil Engineering Research & Invention
Wirth, Michael 2010 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
DiLaura, David 2009 Architectural Engineering Special
Larson, Dayl 2009 Architectural Engineering Private Practice
May, Kenneth 2009 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Morgan, Kile 2009 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Randolph, Theodore W. 2009 Chemical Engineering Education, Research & Invention
Vinh, Nguyen Xuan 2009 Aerospace Engineering Education, Research & Invention
Anderson, Gary 2008 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Anseth, Kristi 2008 Chemical Engineering Education, Research & Invention
Mannetti, Peter 2008 Telecommunications Special
McMasters, John 2008 Aeronautical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Miro, Sami A. 2008 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Beguelin, Adam 2007 Computer Science Research & Invention
Donnelly, Scott 2007 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Drew, Pamela 2007 Computer Science Industry & Commerce
Harris, James 2007 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Nemeth, Evi 2007 Computer Science Special
Chakrabarti, Subrata K. 2006 Mechanical Engineering Private Practice
Nakakoji, Kumiyo 2006 Computer Science Education
Tighe, Jim 2006 Aerospace Engineering Industry & Commerce
Weimer, Alan W. 2006 Chemical Engineering Research & Invention
Abrams, James D. 2005 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Balsells, Peter J. 2005 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Capuano, Linda A. 2005 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Francis, Michael S. 2005 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
Haussler, David 2005 Computer Science Research & Invention
Myers, Eugene W. Jr. 2005 Computer Science Research & Invention
Tietjen, Jill S. 2005 Electrical Engineering Special
Ablowitz, Enid M. 2004 Higher Education Administration Special
Clarke, Lori A. 2004 Computer Science Research & Invention
Jacobs, Gregg Arthur 2004 Aerospace Engineering Research & Invention
Norviel, Vern 2004 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Sanders, Lucinda M. 2004 Computer Science Industry & Commerce
Silver, Marshall L. 2004 Civil Engineering Government Service
Sture, Stein 2004 Civil Engineering Education
Donly, Darrell 2003 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Dowding, Charles H. 2003 Civil Engineering Education
Sherman, James C. 2003 Higher Education Administration Special
Singh, Awtar 2003 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Thompson, Nathan C. 2003 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Voss, James S. 2003 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
Balsley, Ben B. 2002 Electrical Engineering Government Service
Eberhardt, Ralph N. Jr. 2002 Physics Industry & Commerce
Fosdick, Lloyd D. 2002 Computer Science Special
Gerren, Donna S. 2002 Aerospace Engineering Education
Webster, David D. 2002 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Wheaton, David J. 2002 Aerospace Engineering Industry & Commerce
Archuleta, S. John 2001 Architectural Engineering Private Practice
Dodson, Stanley L. 2001 Civil Engineering Government Service
Larson, Karl G. 2001 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Lauer, Byron E. 2001 Chemical Engineering Special
Marsh, G. Thomas 2001 Electrical Engineering Special
Melanson, John L. 2001 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Caile, William C. 2000 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Cervenka, Vladimir 2000 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Clough, David E. 2000 Chemical Engineering Education
Corotis, Ross B. 2000 Civil Engineering Special
Pargal, Hari K. 2000 Chemical Engineering Private Practice
Schloss, Kristy A. 2000 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Callan, Thomas R. III 1999 Aerospace Engineering Industry & Commerce
Karrass, Chester L. 1999 Mechanical Engineering Private Practice
King, William F. III 1999 Architectural Engineering Private Practice
Randolph, Alan D. 1999 Chemical Engineering Research & Invention
Sissel, George A. 1999 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Trapani, Ralph J. 1999 Architectural Engineering Government Service
Agonafer, Dereje 1998 Mechanical Engineering Research & Invention
Dorf, Richard C. 1998 Electrical Engineering Education
Goodwin, Roy M. 1998 Civil Engineering Government Service
Liebman, Jon C. 1998 Civil Engineering Education
Rubi, Isidro 1998 Electrical Engineering Special
Dayaratnam, Pasala 1997 Civil Engineering Education
Graebner, Robert J. 1997 Engineering Physics Industry & Commerce
Liebman, Judith S. 1997 Industrial Engineering Special
Osborne, Cecil J. 1997 Mechanical Engineering Private Practice
Pinchuk, Lanis "Lanny" 1997 Higher Education Administration Special
Schloss, Charles M. "Chuck" 1997 Engineering Physics Private Practice
Stoeckly, Eugene E. 1997 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Swartzlander, Earl E. Jr. 1997 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Garland, Clyne F. 1996 Mechanical Engineering Education
Gemmill, Leonard H. 1996 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Isbill, H. Gregory 1996 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Kreider, Jan F. 1996 Mechanical Engineering Education
Lindberg, Jerome L. 1996 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Morgenthaler, George W. 1996 Mathematics Special
Wertz, Ronald D. 1996 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Brittin, Wesley E. 1995 Chemical Engineering Education
Cutlip, Michael B. 1995 Chemical Engineering Education
Dolder, Frederick P. 1995 Engineering Physics Research & Invention
McLagan, J. Neil 1995 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Olson, Dan E. 1995 Mechanical Engineering Research & Invention
Stepanek, Joseph E. 1995 Chemical Engineering Government Service
Weiss, David E. 1995 Mathematics Industry & Commerce
Adelstein, Stanford M. 1994 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Anderson, Thomas L. 1994 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Beall, Wellwood E. 1994 Aeronautical Engineering Research & Invention
Bourret, Marjorie L. 1994 Electrical Engineering Government Service
Culp, Robert D. 1994 Aerospace Engineering Education
Drescher, John F. 1994 Civil Engineering Research & Invention
McAnally, James W. 1994 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Provost, Donald E. 1994 Mechanical Engineering Special
Fowler, David W. 1993 Civil Engineering Education
Knott, Albert W. 1993 Architectural Engineering Private Practice
Lang, Kenneth R. 1993 Electrical Engineering Education
Richard, Ludie G. 1993 Electrical Engineering Government Service
Shung, Yeou-Kuang 1993 Aeronautical Engineering Research & Invention
Smead, Harold J. 1993 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Smith, Joseph R. 1993 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Yates, Robert W. 1993 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Cathey, W. Thomas Jr. 1992 Electrical Engineering Special
Chilton, Mark 1992 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Gerstle, Kurt H. 1992 Civil Engineering Education
Herbst, Clarence A. Jr. 1992 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Mortenson, M. A. Jr. 1992 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Shuter, David V. 1992 Aeronautical Engineering Government Service
Turrentine, Robert E. 1992 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Widlar, Robert J. 1992 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Davis, Delmont A. 1991 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Drexel, Charles F. 1991 Mechanical Engineering Research & Invention
Flavin, Michael A. 1991 Electrical Engineering Special
Hauser, Ray L. 1991 Chemical Engineering Private Practice
Messerschmitt, David G. 1991 Electrical Engineering Education
Morrison, Robert G. 1991 Chemical Engineering Education
Patterson, James L. 1991 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Winslow, Willis M. 1991 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Bertea, Richard 1990 Aerospace Engineering Industry & Commerce
Buckland, Bruce S. 1990 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Cavender, J. Morse 1990 Chemical Engineering Private Practice
Eastin, Howard H. 1990 Mechanical Engineering Posthumous
Mercure, R.C. Jr. 1990 Physics Special
Novak, Leo C. 1990 Civil Engineering Education
Roubos, Gary L. 1990 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Schultz, Ernest R. 1990 Civil Engineering Government Service
Cannon, Joseph N. 1989 Chemical Engineering Education
Gassman, Walter F. 1989 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Giersch, Louise P. 1989 Chemical Engineering Government Service
Holland, Bruce M. 1989 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Kontny, Vincent L. 1989 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Rose, Lowell L. 1989 Mathematics Special
Teets, Peter B. 1989 Applied Mathematics Industry & Commerce
Turnquist, E. Reed 1989 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Woodhull, John R. 1989 Applied Mathematics Industry & Commerce
Geist, Jerry D. 1988 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Gleghorn, George J. 1988 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Herring, Richard N. 1988 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
May, Gerald W. 1988 Civil Engineering Education
Tulin, Leonard G. 1988 Civil Engineering Education
Weingardt, Richard G. 1988 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Clair, David R. 1987 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Deming, W. Edwards 1987 Physics Special
Fogler, H. Scott 1987 Chemical Engineering Education
Gafford, Donald M. 1987 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
Jacobsen, Richard K. 1987 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Joselyn, JoAnn Cram 1987 Applied Mathematics Research & Invention
Mayben, William R. 1987 Electrical Engineering Private Practice
Abegg, Martin G. 1986 Civil Engineering Education
Barnes, Frank S. 1986 Electrical Engineering Special
Clayton, Leslie A. 1986 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Gablehouse, R. H. 1986 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Hill, F. Norman "Pinky" 1986 Mechanical Engineering Government Service
McKinnell, William P. 1986 Chemical Engineering Special
Onizuka, Ellison S. 1986 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
Brown, James D. 1985 Civil Engineering Government Service
Clark, Melvin E. 1985 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Fox, J. Ranald 1985 Chemical Engineering Posthumous
Janney, Jack R. 1985 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Look, Alfred T. 1985 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Peebles, John D. 1985 Electrical Engineering Special
Barrett, Michael H. 1984 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Cristofano, Sam M. 1984 Civil Engineering Government Service
Kemper, John D. 1984 Civil Engineering Education
Kenney, James B. Jr. 1984 Civil Engineering Special
Thorsky, Gunnar N. 1984 Civil Engineering Government Service
Bridges, Jack E. 1983 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Hanna, William J. 1983 Electrical Engineering Education
Kreiling, John C. 1983 Civil Engineering Government Service
Philpott, George M. Sr. 1983 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Sears, H. Tom Jr. 1983 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Seebass, A. Richard 1983 Aerospace Engineering Special
Sutherland, Donald C. 1983 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Ten Eyck, Thomas W. 1983 Civil Engineering Special
Brand, Vance D. 1982 Aeronautical Engineering Government Service
Gilbert, William W. 1982 Mechanical Engineering Research & Invention
Metcalfe, William K. 1982 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Sink, M. Virginia 1982 Chemical Engineering Research & Invention
Yaklich, Frank J. Jr. 1982 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Able, Charles R. 1981 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Bartlett, Paul E. 1981 Civil Engineering Education
Bartoe, Otto E. 1981 Mechanical Engineering Research & Invention
Konkel, James H. 1981 Mechanical Engineering Private Practice
Lopez, Manuel Jr. 1981 Civil Engineering Government Service
Hempel, Hugh W. 1980 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Horn, Frank W. 1980 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Lawson, Leroy D. 1980 Civil Engineering Government Service
Mann, Clair V. 1980 Civil Engineering Posthumous
Milhollin, Austin B. 1980 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Bechtel, Stephen D. Jr. 1979 Civil Engineering Special
Benedict, Paul C. 1979 Civil Engineering Government Service
Finch, Tudor R. 1979 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Millen, C. Keith 1979 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Palmer, Harlan B. 1979 Electrical Engineering Education
Pietenpol, William J. 1979 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Carswell, Frank L. 1978 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Hathaway, J. Lewis 1978 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Kalmbach, Olin 1978 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Kohler, Warren H. 1978 Mechanical Engineering Government Service
Schultz, Norman R. 1978 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Timmerhaus, Klaus D. 1978 Chemical Engineering Special
Becker, Floyd K. 1977 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Dilley, William G. 1977 Architectural Engineering Government Service
Kelly, Earl M. 1977 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Milstein, Philip 1977 Architectural Engineering Special
Proctor, Harvey A. 1977 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Summers, Claude M. 1977 Electrical Engineering Education
Baldock, Robert H. 1976 Civil Engineering Posthumous
Bruce, Sidney C. 1976 Electrical Engineering Special
Ludwig, John H. 1976 Civil Engineering Government Service
Maler, George J. 1976 Electrical Engineering Education
Walker, Richard F. 1976 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Westfall, Herbert C. 1976 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Dice, Marion E. 1975 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Elliott, John P. 1975 Civil Engineering Posthumous
Hilf, Jack W. 1975 Civil Engineering Government Service
Rautenstraus, Roland C. 1975 Civil Engineering Education
Swanson, Alvin D. 1975 Electrical Engineering Private Practice
Alford, Joseph S. 1974 Mechanical Engineering Research & Invention
Fuller, Jackson F. 1974 Electrical Engineering Special
Krill, Arthur M. 1974 Mechanical Engineering Private Practice
Peden, Irene Carswell 1974 Electrical Engineering Education
Taylor, Wade H. 1974 Electrical Engineering Government Service
Wolf, Robert J. 1974 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Chinn, James 1973 Civil Engineering Education
Eaves, Elsie 1973 Civil Engineering Special
Fleming, David E. 1973 Architectural Engineering Private Practice
Harris, Hubert D. 1973 Chemical Engineering Industry & Commerce
McLean, David A. 1973 Chemical Engineering Research & Invention
Utlaut, William F. 1973 Electrical Engineering Government Service
Blessing, Charles A. 1972 Architectural Engineering Government Service
Horner, Arthur S. 1972 Civil Engineering Industry & Commerce
Isaak, Robert D. 1972 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Konkel, E. Vernon 1972 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Whitehead, Edwin R. 1972 Electrical Engineering Education
Lucking, Walter T. 1971 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Merrill, Marcellus S. 1971 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Murphy, Glenn 1971 Civil Engineering Education
Peters, Max S. 1971 Chemical Engineering Special
Richardson, George S. 1971 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Swigert, John L. Jr. 1971 Aerospace Engineering Government Service
Worcester, Willis G. 1971 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Boyd, David M. Jr. 1970 Chemical Engineering Research & Invention
DuVall, W. Clinton 1970 Electrical Engineering Education
Hutchinson, Charles A. 1970 Applied Mathematics Posthumous
McDonnell, Sanford N. 1970 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Phillips, Orley O. 1970 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Swain, Francis E. 1970 Electrical Engineering Government Service
White, Kenneth R. 1970 Architectural Engineering Posthumous
Boring, Maynard M. 1969 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Cassell, Wallace L. 1969 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Duke, Vernon J. 1969 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Moore, Hudson Jr. 1969 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Mundell, Lewis L. 1969 Electrical Engineering Special
Parker, Norman A. 1969 Mechanical Engineering Education
Parmakian, John 1969 Civil Engineering Government Service
Prouty, Frank H. 1969 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Rienks, George W. 1969 Mechanical Engineering Posthumous
Stubbs, Frank W. Jr. 1969 Civil Engineering Posthumous
Borgmann, Carl W. 1968 Chemical Engineering Education
Downing, Roderick L. 1968 Civil Engineering Special
Draper, Eaton H. 1968 Mechanical Engineering Posthumous
Lewis, Walter W. 1968 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Robertson, Lawrence M. 1968 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Ryan, Alfred J. 1968 Civil Engineering Posthumous
Sullivan, George L. 1968 Mechanical Engineering Posthumous
Tatlow, Richard H. III 1968 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Williams, George M. 1968 Civil Engineering Government Service
Carpenter, M. Scott 1967 Aeronautical Engineering Special
Croft, Huber O. 1967 Mechanical Engineering Education
Giroux, Carl H. 1967 Electrical Engineering Government Service
Hall, Wilfred M. 1967 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Roys, Henry E. 1967 Electrical Engineering Research & Invention
Schelke, Charles V. 1967 Mechanical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Streamer, A. Camp 1967 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Tour, Sam 1967 Chemical Engineering Posthumous
Crawford, Ivan C. 1966 Civil Engineering Posthumous
Curtis, Harry A. 1966 Chemical Engineering Posthumous
Eastom, Frank A. 1966 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Eckel, Clarence L. 1966 Civil Engineering Education
Huntington, Whitney C. 1966 Civil Engineering Posthumous
Lindsay, Richard W. 1966 Electrical Engineering Industry & Commerce
Maiman, Theodore H. 1966 Engineering Physics Research & Invention
Mosley, Earl L. 1966 Civil Engineering Government Service
Pneuman, Frederick A. 1966 Civil Engineering Posthumous
Sorensen, Royal W. 1966 Electrical Engineering Posthumous
Tipton, Royce J. 1966 Civil Engineering Private Practice
Wardenburg, Frederic A. 1966 Electrical Engineering Posthumous


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