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The Max S. Peters Faculty Service Award is designed to recognize outstanding service by faculty in the College of Engineering and Applied Science to the profession of engineering, the college, the university, and/or the public of the state of Colorado. Instructional, research, and tenured/tenure-track faculty are eligible. The $1,500 award is named after its first recipient, Max S. Peters, former dean of the college and 1971 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award recipient (see profile).

The service may be professional, civic, or of other character.  The contribution of the nominee should emphasize the individual’s concern for the common good, the willingness to give time, the understanding shown of others and their problems, the ability to draw together varied resources and the innovative means used to solve these problems.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Nomination information is sent to each departmental office by the Dean’s Office.

  2. Nominations and supporting documentation should be returned to the Dean’s Office by the first Friday in November.

  3. A committee of three, appointed by the dean, will review all nominations and recommend an award recipient to the dean.

  4. Award will be given at the college faculty and staff reception in January.

Making a Nomination

Option 1: Submit a BFA Excellence in Service nomination or the nomination materials prepared previously for a similar recognition.  The previous nomination may be from the current or previous calendar year.  

Option 2: Verify that the nominee’s most recent vita has been placed on the FRPA web site. Then, submit the following documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format:

  • Nomination Letter — Describe the nature of the service performed, the time and effort devoted to it, the unique nature of the service and the results obtained.  Identify the value of the service to the benefiting groups, the persistence with which obstacles were attacked and overcome, and the examples of leadership thus shown.
  • Supporting Letters — Include not more than five brief supporting letters from colleagues, students,  and former students.

Previous Recipients

2013 Michael Brandemuehl Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2012 JoAnn Silverstein Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2011 Janet deGrazia Chemical & Biological Engineering
2010 Angela Bielefeldt Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2009 Penina Axelrad Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2008 John Falconer Chemical & Biological Engineering
2007 Alan Greenberg Mechanical Engineering
2006 Brian Argrow Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2005 David DiLaura Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2004 Chris Bowman Chemical & Biological Engineering
2003 Ted Randolph Chemical Engineering
2002 Stein Sture Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2001 Jana Milford Mechanical/Environmental Engineering
2000 Mark Balas Aerospace Engineering Sciences
1999 Robert H. Davis Chemical Engineering
1998 Richard D. Noble Chemical Engineering
1997 Michael R. Lightner Electrical & Computer Engineering
1996 John W. Daily Mechanical Engineering
1995 William C. Miller Electrical & Computer Engineering
1994 Thomas Geers Mechanical Engineering
1993 David E. Clough Chemical Engineering
1992 William L. Wainwright Mechanical Engineering
1991 Ronald E. West Chemical Engineering
1990 Leonard C. Tulin Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
1989 Nguyen X. Xinh Aerospace Engineering Sciences
1988 W. Fred Ramirez Chemical Engineering
1987 Klaus D. Timmerhaus Chemical Engineering
1986 George J. Maler Electrical & Computer Engineering
1985 Frank S. Barnes Electrical & Computer Engineering
1984 Jackson F. Fuller Electrical & Computer Engineering
1983 William J. Hanna Electrical & Computer Engineering
1982 Chuan C. Feng Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
1981 John C. Twombly Electrical & Computer Engineering
1980 Paul E. Bartlett Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
1979 Paul L. Barrick Chemical Engineering
1978 Max S. Peters Chemical Engineering


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