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CU-Boulder faculty and students conduct fundamental research in myriad areas along traditional disciplinary lines as well as in the context of contemporary technological applications. While the breadth of research is large, the college has identified five interdisciplinary themes under which faculty and departments aggregate their expertise and activity to significantly impact global society:

CU-Boulder AeroSpace Ventures
With more collective expertise in space science and engineering than perhaps any other university in the world, the University of Colorado is uniquely positioned to become the leading institution for the integrated study of space science and engineering systems.

Bioengineering and Biotechnology
The high-tech advances of the last 50 years have literally redefined our understanding of life at the molecular level, and have allowed us to translate that knowledge into powerful solutions that improve human life and welfare.

Computational Science and Engineering
High-performance computing and networking are emerging as core technologies for diverse applications in biotechnology, material science, energy science, disaster mitigation, natural resource distribution, and climate modeling.

Energy Systems and Environmental Sustainability
The University of Colorado Boulder is helping to meet the significant challenges posed by increasing global energy consumption, a finite supply of fossil fuels, and evidence of significant environmental impacts by focusing on the discovery, implementation and support for renewable and sustainable energy technologies. 

Materials Science and Engineering
Materials research at the University of Colorado Boulder is an interdisciplinary endeavor involving departments and facilities throughout the College of Engineering and Applied Science as well as biology, chemistry and biochemistry, and physics.

These initiatives address societal needs at state, national, and global levels in areas such as health care, security, communications, infrastructure, transportation, energy, natural resources, and education. In each area we are partnering with departments and institutes across campus and with regional and other institutions to develop, large-scale, innovative research efforts that transcend traditional academic and geographical boundaries.

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