The Idea Forge: What IF?

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... YOU could help make this exciting new experience a reality?

... this new center created unique makerspaces for our growing engineering student body?

... students from multiple disciplines could come together to collaborate?

... we could build a state-of-the-art design center that fosters transdisciplinary innovation?

Please Join Us!

Help us make this innovative space for student engineers a reality. Giving today can help us create this game-changing facility!

What is the Idea Forge?

The Idea Forge is envisioned as a flexible, cross-disciplinary collaborative space where students can imagine, design, create, and test products and solutions to meet a range of societal and customer needs. The space includes Design Center Colorado and will support student teams working on invention and innovation as part of courses, as well as design and development driven by entrepreneurial-minded individuals and service-oriented groups such as Engineers Without Borders. With all these students working side-by-side, the Idea Forge will boost student learning through collaborative, hands-on experience, while supporting industry interaction through scheduled workshops as well as spontaneous exchanges. This unique space will prepare our students to start the future companies that will fuel Colorado’s economy and workforce.

What will the Idea Forge include?

The Idea Forge will be created from a unique opportunity to repurpose approximately 22,000 square feet of the former law library in the Fleming Building on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. We propose to create a series of reconfigurable, interconnected “makerspaces,” where formal and informal learning can co-exist and enhance each other. The “Forge” will be designed to support a variety of interactions among various cross sections of students. Students in all departments and programs in the College of Engineering and Applied Science will have access to the Forge, including the ATLAS Institute and our residential academic programs. Even students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences and undertaking our new Bachelor of Arts major in Computer Science or our new Pre-Engineering Program will have access to the Forge’s equipment and space to build what they imagine. Rapid prototyping, welding and electronics shops, and advanced machining facilities will be included within a space that is open and reconfigurable to handle the needs of different projects over time.

> View a gallery of architect's renderings of the Idea Forge

Get involved!

bFleming-Law.jpgThe first phase of the project, being undertaken during the 2013-2014 academic year, is expected to cost roughly $2 million. Funding for the project will come from the College of Engineering and Applied Science and corporate and individual donors who share in the vision of cutting-edge student learning.
You can lend your support in a variety of ways. The newly designed and constructed space offers exciting naming opportunities for individuals and companies to support our students’ new learning and creating environment. Or, you may opt to get involved with senior projects and mentor students in hands-on design and development. We are always looking for new partners to help our students excel in the classroom and in their future careers, and we invite you to become one of these visionary leaders by getting involved now and supporting the Idea Forge.

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Contact the Development Team

Please contact us to learn more about the Idea Forge and how you can support this innovative project space!

For individual inquiries, contact:
Senior Director of Development

For corporate and foundation inquiries, contact:
Melinda Seevers
Senior Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations 

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