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Current undergraduate students wishing to transfer to the College of Engineering and Applied Science from another college or school on the Boulder campus, or add a College of Engineering and Applied Science major to their current degree program, must do so through the Intra-University Transfer (IUT) process. This college reserves the right to revise the IUT application process or admissions criteria as it finds necessary.

For degree-seeking students starting at CU-Boulder from Fall 2011-Fall 2014, please see this link for pre-Fall 2014 requirements.

IUT Advising is available Mondays and Fridays from 2-4pm and ONLY after a student has met with their assigned academic advisor. 

Please Note:  To make an appointment with the IUT Coordinator, please carefully read the requirements on this page.  Please complete this quiz present it at your advising meeting. 

Application Process and Deadlines

The IUT application form must be obtained from and returned to the college's Dean’s Office (ECAD 100). Applications are accepted at any time, but applicants should apply by the deadlines specified in the table below if they are seeking admittance for a given semester.

*It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application form is submitted prior to the deadline date and that this form accurately documents all of the applicant’s academic record. Once submitted, an IUT application may not be withdrawn.

**EXCEPTION: Students who never previously applied to the College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU-Boulder may apply for admission if the semester admitted would occur within 18 months of their high school graduation date. 

       *See FAQ’s below for more details and requirements

Admission Criteria

Students completing the required CU-Boulder coursework and meeting the criteria below will be guaranteed admission to the major of choice in the College of Engineering and Applied Science:

Required Coursework:

1. Math: APPM 1350 (or MATH 1300) AND APPM 1360 (or MATH 2300).

2. Science:  A combination of PHYS 1110 + CHEM 1113/1114, or PHYS 1110 + PHYS 1120, or CHEM 1113/1114 + CHEM 1133/1134 is appropriate.

a. Students interested in Chemical, Chemical/Biological, or Environmental Engineering should take chemistry combination. 

Additional Admission Criteria:

1. The student must have completed a full-time CU-Boulder course load for the semester/term of application (i.e., semester/term being completed), with a semester/term GPA of at least 2.250.

2. The CU-Boulder Cumulative GPA must be at least 2.700. Only CU-Boulder campus coursework is used in this computation, not coursework from other CU campuses.

3. The CU-Boulder Technical GPA must be at least 2.700. See UCB Technical GPA to know what courses are included in the CU-Boulder Technical GPA. Individual grades in the CU-Boulder Technical GPA must be at least C-. Only CU-Boulder campus coursework is used in this computation, not coursework from other CU campuses.

4. You may run the "GPA Calc for Engineering IUTs" degree audit on to track your CU-Boulder Cumulative GPA and CU-Boulder Technical GPA.

5. The students’ semester GPA needs to be at least a 2.250 at the time of application.  Repeated coursework may be factored into the admission GPA, however, the true GPA must be above the college minimum of a 2.250 to start in good standing in the college. 

**Note: GPA recalculations for repeated classes only apply for IUT admission purposes.  CU-Boulder does not have grade replacement and the true GPA will include both original and repeated course grades**

*See FAQ’s below for more details and requirements *

Admission Decisions

The college will make one of the following decisions concerning IUT applicants:

ADMIT- The applicant is admitted to this college as a full-time undergraduate student.

REFUSE - The applicant is refused admission to this college. Once refused, the applicant may continue in engineering courses for the following semester and then be automatically considered for IUT admission a second time. If not admitted this second time, no additional engineering courses may be taken (unless for a minor) and the student cannot apply to this College in the future.

The college may decide to defer the admit or refuse decision. This option is allowed only if documented external events have negatively impacted the applicant during the semester in which the IUT application was processed, e.g., extended medical care throughout the semester or a family emergency with considerable time away from school.

Advising Information

IUT policy states that students not admitted to engineering are not allowed to enroll in any 3000+ level departmental courses.  

Note for Aerospace and Mechanical applicants: The Aerospace and Mechanical departments require a C or better in all courses that are prerequisites to another in that major.  A C- is acceptable for IUT admission, however, you may be asked to repeat the course(s) if admitted to either Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering.

Note for Chemical Engineering, Chemical & Biological Engineering, and Environmental Engineering applicants:  If the student’s schedule permits, the IUT applicant may consider enrolling in CHEN 1211-3 and CHEM 1221-2 (General Chemistry for Engineers with laboratory). Alternatively, IUT applicants may substitute both CHEM 1113/1114 (General Chemistry 1 with lab) and CHEM 1133/1134 (General Chemistry 2 with lab) for this degree requirement.

Note for Double Degree applicants: If you are planning to add a major in this college to another major in another college/school at CU-Boulder, students must satisfy curricula for both programs and may need to complete additional semester credit hours above and beyond the largest minimum credit hour requirement.

Additional Important FAQs

Am I eligible for the IUT admission exception policy?

1.  The student’s high school academic record meets or exceeds the minimum criteria as follows:

        a.  Rank in top 10% or GPA of 3.80 (U.S. high schools only)
        b.  AND SAT Critical Reading 610/ACT English 27 and SAT Math 670/ACT Math 30

2.  The CU-Boulder Cumulative GPA is at least 3.100, and

3.  No grades earned at CU-Boulder are below C-. In addition, if a student has established a CU-Boulder Technical GPA, this GPA must be at least 2.700. All application deadlines as described in this advising guide apply.


When am I eligible to apply?

It depends!  Generally, applicants are required to complete a minimum of four CU-Boulder courses to be reviewed for admission: two appropriate mathematics courses and two appropriate science courses.  A typical sequence involves two semesters of college calculus and two semesters of a laboratory science course (college-level chemistry and/or calculus-based physics).

When does my IUT application actually get reviewed?

If you are enrolled in courses the semester you apply, the college waits until the end of the semester/term, after final grades have posted, before reviewing the IUT application. 

Exception: A request for immediate review can be made by any applicant who applies during summer and is not actively enrolled in CU-Boulder summer session at the time of applying. Accepted students matriculate in the college in either the fall or spring semester (not summer session).

How many credit hours do I need to be enrolled in when I apply for IUT?

Applicants must be enrolled in and complete at least 12 CU-Boulder credit hours when applying during fall semester for spring semester admittance, or when applying during spring semester for fall semester admittance.

NOTE: There is no minimum enrollment requirement to apply during summer session for fall semester admittance.

What if I repeat a course to raise my GPA?

If a course or equivalent course was repeated at CU-Boulder, only the most recent grade will be included in the above GPAs (note in all cases that the College only allows a student three attempts to master the subject at the required level for degree requirements)

*Any grades earned prior to ten years from the date of IUT application will not be considered in the GPA calculator*

What if I want to enroll in other engineering specific courses?

AREN1027, AREN2110, AREN 2120

Complete the online AREN Course Request Form.

CVEN1317, CVEN2121

Complete the online CVEN Course Request Form.

ECEN1310, ECEN2250, ECEN2260, ECEN2270, ECEN2350, ECEN2703

Download, complete, and submit the Request for Non-Majors to Take ECE Courses form.

MCEN1024, MCEN1025, MCEN2023, MCEN2024, MCEN2043, MCEN2063

Complete the online MCEN Course Request form.

CHEN 1211/CHEM 1221, CHEN 1310  Complete the online form here: 

If a particular course is not listed above, it means it is either always restricted to engineering students only (eg. HUEN courses) or that it is available to all CU-Boulder students (eg. CSCI 1300)

What if I have already taken one or more of the required courses to IUT at another school?

If a student has previously completed any portion of the aforementioned courses elsewhere than at CU-Boulder, or gained college credit otherwise (e.g., AP exam credit), he/she should confer with the college’s IUT Coordinator regarding appropriate CU-Boulder math and science courses for the IUT.

Can I fulfil MAPS requirements (if needed) while completing IUT coursework?

Yes! Other courses may be selected to fulfill degree requirements in the humanities or social sciences and to meet MAPS requirements. See the college’s Humanities, Social Sciences, and Writing degree requirements and MAPS requirements. 

I initially applied to the College of Engineering and Applied Science, but wasn’t admitted. Can I still major in Engineering?

Yes! The majority of courses first-year engineering students take are open to all CU-Boulder students. Within their first year, engineering students take two calculus courses and two appropriate laboratory science courses. Taking these courses not only makes you eligible to apply for the IUT, but keeps you on track for your engineering degree.

Who can I talk to in the College of Engineering and Applied Science?

You should set up an advising appointment with Chris Anderson, Student Services Coordinator/IUT Coordinator by email at  

IUT Advising is available on Mondays and Fridays from 2-4pm ONLY

Where can I obtain an IUT application?

At the Dean's Office reception area, which is located through the main lobby of the Engineering Center. Call 303-492-5071 for directions.

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