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Full-Time Enrollment

To ensure the prompt completion of degree requirements, an undergraduate student is expected to register for and complete, each semester, a full-time course load as outlined in the University of Colorado Catalog or approved departmental curriculum guide.  A student must petition, and obtain approval in writing from the major department and the college, to be enrolled in less than 12 credit hours or more than 19 credit hours, during any semester.  Part-time enrollment will negatively impact a student’s financial aid, scholarships, and four-year graduation guarantee.  Also, part-time enrollment may impact health insurance and on-campus housing.

Repeating Courses

A student may not enroll more than three times in a course that applies towards degree requirements; furthermore, after the third attempt, a student may not substitute an equivalent course.  This means that a student has a maximum of three opportunities to show sufficient mastery of a particular subject area, whether the course is from CU-Boulder or through another collegiate institution.  Furthermore, the most recent occurrence of the subject is the grade which is applied (e.g., to meet a grade required for a pre-requisite course).  If a student has earned AP or IB college credit and then subsequently enrolls in that course content, the later grade is applied.  All grades will be employed to calculate grade point averages, including any courses which are repeated.

Final Grade Appeal

The college’s grade appeal policy may be found here.

Dean’s List

Degree-seeking students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science who complete at least 12 semester credit hours taken for a letter grade on the Boulder Campus during the Fall or Spring semester, and earn at least a 3.600 semester grade point average, are automatically placed on the Dean’s List.  Notation of the Dean’s List is placed on the student’s transcript by the Office of the Registrar.

Important Announcements

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