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The College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder is recognized around the globe as a leader, as well as a leading partner, in fundamental and applied engineering research. Our 200+ outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and 4,500+ empowered students combine to create a truly world-class research institution that promotes discovery and seeks creative, innovative, and collaborative engineering solutions to enhance the well-being of individuals and society. Click on the viewer link below to read more information on engineering research at CU-Boulder (you can also view this college overview as a PDF), or click the viewer links for each department below to drill down by topic.

Aerospace Engineering Sciences

The Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences (AES) at CU-Boulder is recognized as one of the nation's best departments. It is home to 35 faculty and over 200 graduate students and 400 undergraduates. (Download or print as PDF)


Chemical & Biological Engineering

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (ChBE) at CU-Boulder is a world-class department with 23 tenure-line faculty, 20 postdoctoral fellows and research technicians, 118 graduate students, and more than 440 undergraduate students. (Download or print as PDF)


Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Research in Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) department at CU-Boulder covers a broad range of problems, ranging in scale from molecular (environmental chemistry), continuum (mechanics), individual structure/building/infrastructure unit, infrastructure systems, to global (water, energy, earth, environment, and climate). (Download or print as PDF)


Computer Science

The 32 tenure-line and research faculty members of the Department of Computer Science (CS) at CU-Boulder are committed to the ideals of the research university as a special institution in our society, creating important knowledge, partnering with industry to develop technology that improves people's lives, and at the same time, changing the lives of young people. (Download or print as PDF)


Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering

The Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering (ECEE) at CU-Boulder dates back to the 1890s and the earliest days of the engineering college. There are 38 full-time faculty members in ECEE along with a host of adjunct, research, and jointly appointed faculty. (Download or print as PDF)


Mechanical Engineering

Research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at CU-Boulder harnesses state-of-the-art experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches to expand the frontiers of technology, while advancing fundamentals in the underlying disciplines of fluid and solid mechanics, thermal engineering, materials science and engineering, design, manufacturing, computational science and engineering. (Download or print as PDF)


Research Centers

Learn more about research centers at the College of Engineering and Applied Science by clicking the links below ("View" opens in a player window):

BioServe Space Technologies:

Center for Advanced Decision Support for Water and Environmental Systems (CADSWES):

Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR):

Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels (C2B2):

Colorado Power Electronics Center (CoPEC):

Membrane Science, Engineering and Technology Center (MAST):

Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities (MCEDC):

Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles (RECUV):

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