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What is a summer instructional grant?
It is a grant funded by Continuing Education to be able to offer a new course during summer. Instructional grant proposals need to be submitted to the Engineering Dean's Office.

Does the instruction grant funding cover course development?
No, it only covers a portion of the professor’s salary.

What is a FIRST scholar?
A FIRST scholar is an expert is his or her field that is selected to teach at CU during the summer. This individual can be from the U.S. or an international scholar. FIRST grant proposals need to be submitted to the Engineering Dean's Office.

Is FIRST scholar funding continuous funding?
No, FIRST scholar funding is only one-time for an individual.

Who do I contact about offering a summer session class or nominating a FIRST scholar?
Contact the Dean's Office the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

What is the minimum summer course enrollment limit for Maymester?
The minimum course enrollment limit is 18 students for Maymester. 

What is the minimum summer course enrollment limit for all terms except Maymester?
The minimum course enrollment limit for all terms except Maymester is 15 students.  

Does the college offer undergraduate student summer scholarships?
The college does offer undergraduate summer scholarships to students that meet the summer session scholarship criteria. CEAS undergraduate students must apply online during the first week in April.

When do CU students register for summer session?
Continuing CU students start to register for summer session during the first week of March.

How are summer faculty and graders salaries funded?
Summer salaries are funded through the college summer session budget that is funded through Continuing Education.

Can faculty members facilitate independent studies during summer session?
Yes, faculty can facilitate independent studies during the summer.

Can teaching a summer course count for a faculty member’s teaching load?
Yes, providing that the department chair has approved it prior to summer session.

Are most of the engineering students who attend summer school repeating courses?
No, only about 2 percent of the students that attend summer school are repeating courses.

Why do engineering students register for summer school?
Engineering students attend summer session to meet major or minor requirements, take smaller classes, focus on difficult courses, take new courses and/or accelerate their graduation.

Why teach a summer course?
Teaching a summer course can be a great experience for faculty! Classes are smaller and students tend to be more motivated because they are able to focus on one or two classes.

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