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How many courses can students take during Maymester?
Students can only take one course.

What are summer tuition rates and fees based on?
Summer tuition and fees are based on the number of credit hours that a student is registered for, the college, and the student's residency. Visit the Bursar's website for more information.

How many credit hours can students register for during summer session?
Students may register for up to 15 credit hours during summer, which includes Maymester.

Do courses that are taken during summer change probation or suspension status in the College of Engineering and Applied Science?
These courses are included in the GPA, but don't change any academic actions.

What courses are considered engineering courses for the CEAS summer scholarships?
These courses end in the suffix EN such as MCEN 3012 or GEEN 1300.

Are APPM, CHEM, or PHYS courses considered engineering courses for the CEAS summer scholarships?
No, these courses fulfill degree requirements but are offered through the College of Arts & Sciences. You can take one of these courses, but you will still need to register for one engineering course for the scholarship.

What is a summer enrollment scholarship?
These scholarships are awarded to students who register for a certain class. They are based on enrollment participation.

Is financial aid available during summer session?
Yes, for students who apply for summer and meet the financial aid criteria. Please visit the Financial Aid website.

Is the College Opportunity Fund (COF) available for in-state students in the summer?
Yes, COF is available for Colorado residents during the summer. Visit the COF website for more information.

Can students on probation or suspension enroll in summer session classes?
Yes, students on suspension will need to fill out a one-page registration form from Continuing Education. Students on suspension DO NOT need to reapply to CU to attend summer session.

Can students register for independent study courses during summer session?
Yes, students need to contact the professor and their department to arrange an independent study. Most engineering departments have an independent study credit hour limit.

Can a student withdraw from summer session?
Yes, a student can withdraw from summer session with appropriate documentation. Please review the summer catalog or the online catalog for the summer withdrawal schedule. Visit the Registrar's website or call 303-492-5148.

Can students from other engineering colleges attend CU Engineering's summer session?
Yes, the college welcomes students from other engineering colleges to take CU summer classes. Students may register though Continuing Education at CU. Contact the summer session dean if you have questions about courses being offered.

Can entering first-year students register for summer session courses?
Yes, please apply to be a summer degree student by Jan.15, prior to your entering year.  Also, you will need to attend an Orientation session.  Please contact your department or the Dean's Office for advising.

Can non-degree students take summer engineering classes?
Yes, students will need to fill out a one-page registration from through Continuing Education and will need permission from the summer session dean to register from some of the upper division courses.

Can an engineering student take summer classes on two CU campuses?
Yes, an engineering student can register through concurrent registration for up to 6 credit hours on another CU campus as long as s/he is enrolled in one CU-Boulder course.  Engineering students need to have Dean's approval prior to registration.  For more information, please call 303-492-6970.

Can an engineering student take a summer class pass/fail?
Yes, check with your department about taking courses pass/fail.

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