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The following information is a guideline for students seeking to earn an International Engineering Certificate in Spanish.

NOTE: For the most current listing of courses, please contact the Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Spanish Requirements

Spanish Language  -- minimum 3 courses

  • Three college level (9-12 credit hours) Spanish language courses taken at a level commensurate with the student’s ability.
  • Placement in language courses will be determined by the Spanish department placement test available on the department web page. A student with Spanish language coursework from high school could take Spanish 2110, 2120, 3000, but a student with several years of high school Spanish (advanced placement) might take Spanish 3000 and other courses beyond the 3000 level.

Spanish Culture/Literature  -- minimum 2 courses (Note: Spanish 3000 is a prerequisite for all of the following courses)

  • Students should take Spanish 3030-Professional Spanish for Business I (3 hours) AND a culture or literature class such as Spanish 3200-Spanish Culture (3 hours) or Spanish 3210-The Cultural Heritage of Latin America ( 3 hours) or Spanish 3310-20th Century Spanish Literature (3 hours)
  • Additional Options :
    • Spanish 4930 (1- 4 hours) Languages Internship for Professions open to students with junior or senior standing who have completed Spanish 3000 with a C+ or better. Students must have Spanish Department and Engineering approval.
    • Study Abroad: Spanish credits earned at a CU approved program in a Spanish-speaking country can be accepted as Spanish courses for language or culture credit with the prior approval from the Spanish advisor. For more information, please visit the CU Study Abroad Programs Office.
    • Transfer Credit: No more than 9 credits of transfer credit or 6 credits of AP credit may be applied toward the certificate requirements.
    • Students who complete SPAN 3000 with at least a B- may take the GEEN 3930 Internship course.

Upon Completion of Requirements

Students should contact the Director of International Programs in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, Karey Sabol, to verify completion of all requirements for the Certificate. Once complete, verification will be sent to the Registrar’s Office for inclusion on the official transcript.

For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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