ELP Application: Part One

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The Engineering Leadership Program will give you the experiences to prepare you to be a leader in your chosen career, whether it is in an engineering field or another field such as government service, law, medicine, etc. You will have the opportunity to take specialized leadership courses through ELP and other CU programs, attend leadership seminars sponsored by the college, and learn from a mentor who has leadership experience relevant to your interests.

If you have  been accepted into the College of Engineering and Applied Science but not yet matriculated, please submit “Part One” of your application to the Engineering Leadership Program by answering the questions below.  By submitting your application before the fall semester starts, you will be invited to participate in the new “Taste of Engineering Leadership” seminars during the fall semester.  These seminars will give you the opportunity to meet faculty, industry, and community leaders, learn more about ELP, and become part of a community of engineering students with similar interests.

You will complete Part Two of your application (only three additional questions) at the end of the "Taste of ELP".

Please email JoAnn Zelasko at zelasko@colorado.edu or call 303-492-7720 with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you at a Taste of ELP Seminar!

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