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The following list is a sample of potential ELP electives. It is not intended to be comprehensive or complete. Another source of elective ideas can be found at the Leadership RAP website.

Course Number Course Name
All PRLC Courses  
All ROTC Courses  
All LDSP Courses  
BCOR 3000 Business Law, Ethics, and Public Policy
ECON 3784 Economic Development and Policy
ECON 4646 Topics in Health Economics
ECON 4784 Economic Development
EHON 4051 Dimensions of Leadership
EMEN 4030 Project Management Systems
EMEN 4050 Leadership and Professional Skills
EMEN 4100 Business Methods and Economics for Engineers
EMEN 5080 Ethical Decision-Making in Engineering Management
EMEN 5500 Lean and Agile Management
GEOG 2002 Geographies of Global Change
GEOG 2412 Environment and Culture
HUEN 3843 Literature and Leadership
IAFS 3300 Economy, Politics, and Society in the Middle East
LDSP 3100/ETHN 3201/INVS 3100 Multicultural Leadership: Theories, Principles and Practices
PHIL 1100 Ethics
PHIL 2140 Environmental Justice
PHIL 3140 Environment Ethics
PHIL 3160 Bioethics
PHIL 3180 Critical Thinking: Contemporary Topics
PHIL 3200 Social and Political Philosophy
PSCI 2004 Survey of Western Political Thought
PSCI 2106 Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
PSCI 3091 Politics of Social Movements
PSCI 3206 The Environment and Public Policy
PSCI 4341 Political Communication, Persuasion, and Public Policy
PSCI 4731 Progress and Problems in American Democracy
PSCI 4751 The Politics of Ideas
PSCI 4761 Rethinking Political Values

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