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The Engineering Leadership Program will give you the experiences to prepare you to be a leader in your chosen career, whether it is in an engineering field or another field such as government service, law, medicine, etc. You will have the opportunity to take specialized leadership courses through ELP and other CU programs, attend leadership seminars sponsored by the college, and learn from a mentor who has leadership experience relevant to your interests.  Are you ready to be a part of the Engineering Leadership Program? Here's how you can apply and get started.

Students can apply to ELP  the summer before their first semester at CU. These students will participate in "Taste of ELP" in the fall semester. The “Taste of ELP” provides a semester-long, four- to five-session introduction to the program to help students determine whether ELP is the right fit for them. The sessions include a one-hour session with “gateway” instructor Angela Thieman Dino, an outside leadership speaker, a one-on-one session to help students plan their participation in the program, and completion of the ELP application.

Students who will be matriculating into the College of Engineering and Applied Science in the fall and want to apply ot  the Engineering Leadership Program should fill out an online application prior to the end of the first week of the fall semester. Those student who successfully participated in Taste of ELP will begin working on their ELP certificate requirements the following semester.

Students already enrolled in CU Engineering can apply to ELP by filling out an online application and then have a meeting with one of ELP co-directors.  Students should apply before the end of their fourth semester to ensure they have enough time to complete all the elements of the program.  Students should plan to take the Engineering Leadership Gateway course as soon as possible after applying.

Presidents Leadership Class (PLC) students who are in the College of Engineering and Applied Science may also pursue an ELP certificate. PLC students must apply to ELP by their fourth semester at CU-Boulder.  See "PLC Students" on the Program Elements page.

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