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Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  What is a MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding)?
    An MOU is a general agreement between CU-Boulder and another institution that states both parties are interested in furthering collaboration on academic activities. This is the first step before developing a research agreement or a student exchange agreement. The timeline is 2- 4 weeks. Non-standard language requires additional time to review.
  2. When should you develop a MOU?
    A MOU should be developed before the institutions begin collaborating on academic activities.
  3.  Does the MOU allow an exchange of faculty or students?
    No, an exchange of faculty or students would require a separate agreement of cooperation.
  4. Is the MOU document sufficient to work on collaborative funded research?
    No. The faculty member should develop a Cooperative Research Memoranda of Agreement.
  5. Who signs the MOU agreement?
    In the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the Associate Dean for Education will sign the MOU. Other signatures include: Rector or President of the other institution, University Counsel and the Chancellor and/or Provost.
  6. What is the MOU approval Process?
    The MOU approval process is: departmental review, Director of International Programs, Associate Dean for Education, International Education (informational), University Counsel, Chancellor and/or Provost for signature.
  7. Who should have a copy of the signed MOU in the College of Engineering and Applied Science?
    Signed copies of the MOU should go to the Associate Dean of Education’s office in the Engineering Dean’s office and your department office. The document needs to be accessible.


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