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International Scholarship Opportunities

Make your international experience possible with a scholarship to help cover the cost. Check out these scholarship opportunities.

Today’s engineers work with multi-national teams in design, manufacturing, and marketing all over the world. Because working on international projects has become the norm, the College of Engineering and Applied Science believes that we need to prepare students to work in a global society.

CU Engineering encourages students to have at least one international experience. Students who have participated in international experiences tend to have higher grades, higher job placement rates and are able to work better with colleagues from other national and cultural perspectives. Other advantages include a new self-awareness and confidence, appreciation of your own culture and language and adaptability to new and different environments.

International opportunities available to CU Engineering students include (but are not limited to) the following:

Certificate Programs

  • International Engineering Certificate
    Earn an undergraduate certificate through foreign language and culture courses in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese, followed by a co-op or internship at a company or university lab abroad.

  • Global Engineering Certificate
    Earn an undergraduate certificate through coursework that will expand your understanding of how to operate in an international context from an engineering perspective, whether you plan to work domestically or internationally as part of an international team.

  • Engineering for Developing Communities Certificate
    Earn a graduate certificate that shows employers you are both technically competent and have experience evaluating the social impacts caused by engineering solutions in developing communities. Course topics include sustainability, renewable energy, international education and development, stakeholder empowerment, business and public health.

Service Learning

  • Engineers Without Borders-USA
    Use your engineering skills to help people in developing communities in places like Nepal, Rwanda, and Peru!  Work with CU students, professional engineers, and local residents to plan and implement environmentally sustainable, equitable, and economical engineering projects. (Not-for-credit, student organization)

Study Abroad

  • CU Study Abroad
    Plan ahead if you're an engineering student interested in taking advantage of one of the 50+ CU Study Abroad programs around the world. This is key to on-time graduation and managing your engineering curriculum. Study abroad experiences are available in English and foreign languages. 
  • Global Seminars with CU Faculty
    Travel to Europe, Asia, or South America with a CU professor for a summer Global Seminar. Immerse yourself in another culture with a small group of CU students as you gain unique perspectives on your overseas destination.
  • Engineering Student Exchanges
    Take engineering courses at a partner university abroad, while a student from there attends CU-Boulder.
  • Global E3 Engineering Education Exchange
    Take engineering courses and/or an internship from over 30 international universities in the world through the Global E3 program administered by the Institute of International Education.
  • Semester at Sea
    The Semester at Sea program offers short-term summer voyages (approx. May 20-June 15) focused on special topics in engineering. Visit the website to learn about upcoming opportunities.
  • Non-CU International Internship Opportunities
    Additional opportunities for students seeking international internships.
  • English Teaching Assistantships
    Students who are interested in teaching English internationally after they graduate are encouraged to apply for the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship. Teaching opportunities include Europe, Middle East, Africa, etc. It is a 10-month program that includes teaching English 25 hours per week to 12- 17-year-olds. Applicants can be graduating seniors, recent grads or grad students. See the Institute of International Education website for more information.

Residential Academic Programs

  • Global Engineering RAP
    The Global Engineering Residential Academic Program introduces students to global engineering, becoming fluent in a foreign language, international collaborative design, and international development. The RAP provides an optional entry point into the Global Engineering Certificate program.

Graduate Opportunities

  • Dual Degree Programs
    International dual degrees offered with CU Engineering.
  • TU Darmstadt Graduate Student Exchange Program
    Jeppesen, a Boeing Company headquartered in Denver, Colorado with an operation in Frankfurt, Germany, provides scholarship support and an internship for master's degree students in aerospace, computer science, and mechanical engineering.

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