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You can honor a former teacher, friend, or loved one through a gift that bears their name. Honorary gifts are a meaningful way to pay tribute to a living person. It may honor a special occasion or achievement, or merely acknowledge the honoree’s importance in your life. Memorial gifts are a special way to honor a friend or loved one who has passed away. By supporting the college, these gifts ensure a legacy for the named person that extends far into the future. Any type of gift can be designated as an honorary or memorial gift.

Please contact us for more information or assistance selecting a naming gift to honor or remember someone you care about.

Current Naming Gifts
Current gifts directed toward scholarships, fellowships, and programs can be named if funded at a minimum level.

Capital Projects
Our current building and expansion priorities offer many opportunities for supporting students and faculty with a named space, such as a laboratory, classroom, group project meeting room, or office.

Endowed Naming Gifts

By establishing an endowment in an individual’s name, you provide a reliable and continuing source of financial support to the college and ensure a continuing legacy for the person you wish to honor. Your endowment can support engineering students or faculty in the form of:

Undergraduate Scholarships
A minimum contribution of $25,000 provides an endowed undergraduate scholarship at an average distribution rate of 4% awarded on the base of need or merit. Scholarships attract talented and diverse students. They connect the recipient with the donor’s scholastic success, instill pride and a sense of achievement in the recipient, free up a student’s time to concentrate on studies, and can be a determining factor in a student’s choice of schools. You may tailor your scholarship selection criteria or deem the funds unrestricted, and you may also tie your scholarship to a specific department, thereby reconnecting with your academic experience at CU. Make a gift that will leave your legacy and help deserving students realize their potential.

Graduate Fellowships
Much like scholarships, graduate fellowships influence a student’s decision as to which institution he or she will attend and draw the best and brightest graduate students to a school. Thanks to your minimum contribution of $100,000, a graduate student can expect a fellowship in the average amount of 4% of the endowed fellowship’s principal. These funds free up the student’s time to devote to studies and support research with faculty, as well as projects with undergraduates which in turn impacts undergraduate enrollment because of the experiential learning opportunity. As the donor for a graduate fellowship, you may determine any selection criteria and align the fellowship with the department of your choice.

Your gift in an amount ranging from $1.6 million-$4 million funds an endowed chair, the most prestigious faculty position. This gift qualifies for $400,000 in chancellor's matching funds. An endowed chair is a distinguishing characteristic that entices the most exceptional faculty to a school. It also provides partial or full salary support, as well as funding for research assistance, professional travel and student support. In the case of student support, a chair will use his or her funding for collaborative work with graduate and undergraduate students, augmenting CU's appeal to potential students.

A minimum $500,000 contribution provides a named professorship which funds supplemental support and enables the college to compete for the most talented and sought-after faculty. Faculty awarded endowed professorships are often up-and-coming professors in the middle of their careers. An endowed professorship helps to retain these rising stars.

Faculty Fellowships
New, top-notch professors just starting out come on board thanks to endowed faculty fellowships created from contributions ranging from $100,000 to $250,000. The outstanding new professor’s area of expertise often addresses a specific need and fills gaps where the college is trying to grow.

A $10 million gift provides an endowed department, which is pivotal for the college in terms of its growth and rankings. Donors may work with the department to determine the specifics of the funding, which generally distributes about $400,000 a year, although these gifts are most often discretionary, tending to the department’s most urgent needs. An endowed department brands and further differentiates the department, especially when aligning with the donor grants clout. This gift qualifies for $500,000 in chancellor’s matching funds.

The college can become endowed for a transformational $50 million contribution. You can make a significant impact on the growth of the college through this powerful gift, which typically amounts to about $2 million each year and represents your endorsement of the college’s vision. An Endowed College attracts premium students and faculty and provides state-of-the-art facilities, the most current equipment, and the opportunity for experiential learning. This gift qualifies for $500,000 in chancellor’s matching funds.

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